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TikTok Stats: Top 7 TikTok Stats That Marketers Can’t Ignore In 2022

Have you got TikTok marketing on your bucket list? If yes, we will explain in-depth about TikTok stats where1. One Billion Monthly Active Users every marketer will become curious to start their TikTok marketing venture. Now, what do you assume will happen after knowing these TikTok stats? So, first, you should begin your TikTok account, perform your competitor analysis, research your followers and strategize your content creation. Above all, if your key target is to expand your real audience engagement, try to buy tiktok followers that help boost your profile with consistent reach. Below, we will explain the different TikTok stats to remember before heading into TikTok marketing strategies for 2022. 


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TikTok User Stats

Daily, eight new users enter TikTok every second with an average rate of 650,000 new followers. For instance, TikTok’s population is the same as NBD’s entire population of Helsinki, signing up every day. In September 2021, TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, reported that the platform has a target of one billion users, with a 45% rise from July 2020. Next, when comparing TikTok with Facebook and YouTube, these latter platforms took eight years to reach a billion users, whereas TikTok made it within five years. Above all, TikTok predicts to reach 1.5 billion users by the end of 2022. 


2. TikTok Users Stays Active On Other Social Media Platforms

Social media users stay active on several social media platforms. For instance, users between 18 and 34 have at least eight different social media accounts. So, TikTok users are not unique, where 99.9% report that TikTok users are using other platforms. Besides, you can often find TikTok users on Facebook (84.6%), YouTube (80.5%), and Instagram (83.9%)

TikTok Stats

3. Popular Among Gen Z Users In The US

TikTok beats Instagram for its popularity among Gen Z users in the US, where TikTok has 37.3 million, and Instagram has 33.3 million users. Yet, TikTok got significant gains from other age groups. For example, during the Q1 of 2021, 36% of TikTok users were between the ages of 35 and 54 years old, while compared to 2020, TikTok’s Gen Z users were 26%. 

Fun Fact: Still, Snapchat is more popular than TikTok and Instagram among Gen Zers. Hence, by 2025, all these three apps expect to have roughly the same user base. 

From these above user stats about TikTok, it is clear that you can reach your audiences once you start your TikTok marketing. Beyond this, the best suggestion would be to use Trollishly, where you can expand your profile reach. 


TikTok Usage Stats

4. Android Users Spend At Least 19.6 Hours Per Month

The time spent by TikTok users through android got a 47% rise compared to 2020. Besides, these TikTok android users on TikTok spend at least 13.3 hours every month. Based on the time spent, TikTok ranks second position with Facebook, whereas YouTube ranks first position by having users’ preferences for 23.7 hours every month. 


The TikTok user base varies from country to country. For instance, UK users on TikTok often spend an average of 27.3 hours. Next, the TikTok users from the US spend at least an average of 25.6 hours per month. 


5. TikTok – Engaging Social Media App

Anyone who enters TikTok to watch a single video will view it again after an hour because of the app’s engagement. Indeed, TikTok is the most engaging platform among other social media platforms, with an average user engagement of 10.85 minutes. 


6. 430 Songs Excelled One Billion Video Views 

The music niche is growing more prominent on the TikTok app. Compared to 2020, TikTok’s post has three times as many songs excelling with one billion views. Next, 75% of TikTok users say they find new songs on the app. Besides, 73% of TikTok users connect with particular songs on TikTok. Several of these music tunes got drastic success in 2021 for the 175 songs on TikTok. 

Fun Fact: 88% of TikTok users report that music is vital to the TikTok experience; it is why 93% of the top-performing videos use TikTok videos. 


7. Users Watch Long Videos & Like It

Right now, TikTok users limit it to 60-seconds for their videos. Yet, in July 2021, TikTok started to offer users the option of posting videos up to three minutes in length and then, in 2022, up to ten minutes. 

In October, TikTok reported that longer videos had got more than five billion video views worldwide. Longer videos are familiar to users in Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand, whereas TikTok users from the US, UK, and Brazil also get to engage with TikTok long videos. 

Hence, these above TikTok usage stats explains how to post songs, reasons to reach android TikTok users, and lengthy videos. Thus, if you plan to beat your business competitors on TikTok, the best choice would be to try Trollishly, where you can get vast business awareness. 



In the final word, TikTok is a quick go-to platform for brands that target Gen Z and millennials. If you choose to market your business on TikTok, try out these authentic, bite-sized video content where you can reach massive audiences. Apart from that, TikTok stats help you understand the best reason before starting your TikTok marketing. I hope you like reading this article; thanks for reading!

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