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Online Videos: Why Short Online Videos are the Way to Go

Online Videos: Thinking about using Online video content for marketing purposes? Not a bad idea! Research has shown that Online video content will dominate the next decade. Here are the main reasons why videos, especially short clips will be a key marketing tool this decade –

1 The audience has a low attention span

People online tend to be extremely impatient and you can’t blame them. When there’s an overload of accessible information, people are bound to be attracted to smaller and more concise clips. Most users simply look at the run time of a clip before deciding whether or not they want to click to play. So, a small and concise clip makes a good impression on the users.

Research shows that the average internet user is willing to give a video clip about two and a half minutes of his or her time. That is considerably more than what it would take them to go through a chunk of text content, so small Online video clips with ample content wins every time.

2 Quality supersedes quantity

A video with a long run time does not mean it is a good video. After all, most ‘viral videos’ on the internet are mere seconds long. As long as the content being presented in the video is funny and engaging, the context and other information are not important. The user is smart enough to pick up on other details naturally. In this age of streaming where video content is everywhere, small clips that are engaging and memorable have a great potential of creating the type of impact on users that marketers like to see. 

3 It makes the brand message simple

Most short-length marketing videos sound like this –

“Hungry? Call us for the best meals.”

“Need to shop? Trust our brand.”

These six or seven second videos make sure that the creator has to get straight to the point. The key is to have an exact idea of what your brand stands for and how prospective customers perceive it. Once this equation is established in the minds of your marketing tram, getting your message across in seconds and in the most simple and basic way becomes easier. It’s easy to flimflam if you are proposing ideas face to face with a consumer, but short online videos force you to do the opposite and keep your message simple and concise.

4 Short clips create intrigue and anticipation in the audience

A lot of films nowadays release a six or seven second teaser before they release the trailer. It is a marketing trick they owe to digital marketers. The core principle is that you need to leave your viewers with a taste for the brand and create anticipation.

5 Short videos are more shareable

Short Online videos can be shared so easily, it makes them perfect for marketers wishing for natural word of mouth marketing, except it is done on social media websites. 

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6 superb Tools for Developing Social Media Videos

Videos have become a vital promoting tool, particularly for corporations that market their product on social media. Hence, the importance of video redaction tools for business social media clips is additionally increasing. mentioned below square measure half dozen superb tools for developing social media videos – 

Online Videos

#1 Animoto

Animoto could be a cloud-based video redaction program. it’s best for making professionally-styled videos in an exceedingly touch of your time. good for making “marketing videos”, Animoto offers a large variety of pre-set templates which will allow you to produce a video from scratch entirely on your own. Animoto permits users to feature pictures, videos and sound effects in varied file formats. Additionally, users have access to a spread of redaction opportunities and a various music library of over two,000 liberated to use accredited songs.  


#2 Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is an associated Instagram extension. A separate app for making time lapse videos, with this app you’ll be able to slot in long footage because it permits users to hurry up the content up to twelve times of the video’s natural speed. Users can even record in real time, with the app swimmingly redacting out shaky footage mechanically. Solely downside of Hyperlapse is that it’s solely on the market on iOS platforms presently. 


#3 Magisto

Magisto is out there on both humanoid and iOS platforms. It additionally comes as a web-based tool for computers. It takes very little effort to form partaking videos with Magisto. merely opt for the videos alongside a pre-set “editing pattern” and freely accessible audio recording from the in depth gallery. The redaction and development of your raw footage is mechanically conducted by the app. Magisto’s videos square measure employed by plenty of corporations for posting on social media websites. they’re notably helpful for content promotion as they are available with analytics choices permitting users to simply track the amount of viewers, and alternative parameters. 


#4 Renderforest

It is maybe the simplest for making animated videos, a lot of therefore owing to its convenience of use. Users will publish their emended videos on to social media channels. It’s ideal for people who square measure wanting to form informative videos, and therefore the like. 


#5 Typito

Typito offers a simple method of adding text to video clips, creating them marketable. Victimization Typito to form these forms of videos is very important as a result of plenty of users seeing videos on their timelines and that they don’t trouble to show the sound on. This specific social media video tool offers you this selection. Typito permits users to edit videos, add subtitles and post the clips on to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.


#6 Moovly

Moovly contains a heap of options, therefore naturally it takes a small amount of your time for a user to totally find out how to use it. However, its wide useful variety makes it all worthwhile. This includes infinite graphic choices, nice animations and straightforward ways in which to feature customized voice recordings. Moovly is ideal for making fascinating and short clips for social media channels. Click here

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