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Marketing Podcasts to Follow in 2022

More than 4.4 million people listen to Marketing podcasts every month. And if you have arrived at this article, it is undoubtedly that you are part of it!

It must be said that these audio programs allow you to unearth the latest trends, learn tips and find ideas daily.

So, suppose you want to improve your communication skills. In that case, we offer you our selection of 15 marketing podcasts to follow absolutely in 2022!

marketing podcast

Marketing Podcasts That Address  In General

The podcasts in this category address marketing in all its aspects: SEO, emailing, social networks, content creation, etc.

1: Marketing Podcast

Everything is in the title! The Marketing podcast is 20 to 45 minutes to learn:

  • The latest SEO techniques
  • Social media best practices
  • How to build a mailing list
  • How to increase your conversion rate

Once a week, Estelle Badot gives you more than just a podcast episode. Each show is designed as a marketing course with detailed strategies. The objective is to easily apply them daily to obtain concrete results.

This marketing podcast also receives entrepreneurs to talk about their backgrounds.


2: Marketing Mania

E start with probably the oldest marketing podcast in France: Marketing Mania! Since 2015, Stan Leloup has talked about marketing fundamentals with his guests. Through its programs, you will get concrete answers to the following questions:

  • What drives consumers to buy?
  • How to encourage them to buy?
  • How do cognitive biases work?
  • How to automate your marketing?
  • How to communicate better on YouTube?
  • How to inspire your audience?
  • And many others!

You will benefit from advice, tips, and concrete examples to improve your offers by following this podcast.

Once or twice a month, Stan Leloup receives entrepreneurs from all walks of life to talk about marketing, persuasion, and sales. During 1h30 minutes of exchanges and conversation, you discover the guests’ journey, experiences, and human psychology’s functioning.


3: Marketing Tips

For concrete advice on attracting prospects and retaining your existing customers, Marketing Advice is the podcast to follow!

Every week, Frédéric Canevet gives you techniques and tips for:

  • Succeed in your SEO
  • Prospect on LinkedIn
  • Boost your lead generation in B2B
  • Make better use of a CRM
  • Leveraging Inbound Marketing

His marketing podcasts last between 15 and 80 minutes. They are filled with advice and speakers to combine theory with practical cases.

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4: The storyline

Twice a month, Noémie Kempf chats with the best content creators in her marketing podcast called The storyline. In 40 minutes, you will learn storytelling and content marketing techniques.

It also receives digital marketing experts for exciting discussions concerning:


5: Bannon

Bannouze is a podcast devoted exclusively to digital marketing. At a rate of 2 episodes per month, you will be able to develop your knowledge by:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • E-commerce
  • Social media marketing
  • Display Ads
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Emailing
  • SMS Marketing

To know everything about web news, which impacts companies’ digital strategy, Bannouze is the marketing podcast to follow. For example, his latest shows talk about the end of cookies and the impact of Apple measures on the tracking of your campaigns.

A perfect podcast for your lunch break since the audios only last 30 minutes!


6: Marketing Square

Caroline Mignaux gives you all the Growth Marketing news in her Marketing Square podcast several times a week. Marketing specialists come to share proven methods and tools for:

  • Grow your podcast audience
  • Improve your SEO
  • Take advantage of the latest social media features
  • Improve your sales
  • Optimize your content marketing

In total, take advantage of 40 minutes of advice, interviews, and concrete exchanges to accelerate the growth of your business.


7: AARRR Applied

Proposed by Yann Leonardi, AARRR Applied is the podcast to follow to ideally master this Growth Marketing framework.

AARRR refers to the Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Recommendation, and Revenue stages of a marketing strategy. You might think that a few episodes are enough to end the subject… Well no! Once a month, guests take the microphone to share their tips for achieving results, thanks to this good marketing practice.


8: Business Wars

If you are passionate about marketing stories, Business Wars is the podcast for you! Once a week, this show takes you back to the heart of the biggest marketing battles between brands.

25 minutes a week to rediscover how competing companies have fought to attract consumers’ attention. From success stories to flops, you’ll learn all about the trade wars of the century!

As a bonus, you learn practical strategies to distinguish yourself and get ahead of the competition by drawing inspiration from the best.


Social Media Marketing Podcasts

This selection offers you the best podcasts to follow to improve your social media strategy.

marketing podcast

9: Le Super Daily

With Thibaut, Adjan, and Camille, you will know everything about Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others. From Monday to Friday, they decipher the news of social networks and the web in general.

The Super Daily does not just relay the news. The presenters give opinions on trends and new features launched by social platforms. In 15 to 20 minutes, discover tips and best practices for better communicating on social networks, as well as tools to improve your social media strategy.

To find out how the Metaverse will revolutionize your job as a community manager or discover – in real-time – the changes in algorithms, do not miss any episode of the Super Daily in 2022!


10: No Pay No Play

Hosted by a Facebook Ads specialist, No Pay No Play is the marketing podcast to follow to refine your advertising strategy on Facebook and Instagram.

Twice a month, Joseph Donyo decrypts the news and the right strategies to take advantage of Facebook Ads. In each episode, the host takes the time to review the Facebook news of the month and the new features developed. He also receives guests to discuss their techniques for at least 1 hour for beating advertising algorithms.

Want to master bidding strategies, improve your ad targeting or find out how big brands manage their Facebook ads? No Pay No Play remains THE marketing podcast to add to your favorites!


Les podcasts content marketing

To improve your content marketing in 2022, these podcasts are for you!


11: #utpca

By #uptca, we mean: “One train can hide another.” Please note this is not a travel podcast but a program to discover content marketing in all its forms.

40 minutes to understand the benefits of this strategy, as well as the disappointments it can cause. Honest conversations moderated by Muriel Wandermeulen around:

  • The customer experience
  • The use of words in your strategy
  • The customer relationship

Once a month, a guest can share their experiences and good content marketing practices with the listeners.


12: Content Room

Brought to you by StayTuned, the audio marketing platform, Content Room is the podcast that celebrates content specialists.

Twice a month, experts, entrepreneurs, and content marketers come to share their experiences, as well as their best practices for content that stands out. Each podcast lasts nearly 50 minutes to dig deep into each subject.

If you are looking for ideas and tips to fuel your content marketing in 2022, consider following the episodes of Content Room.


13: Chat

Chat is THE podcast to improve your conversational marketing strategy.

Simon Robic receives, once a week, professionals in the field to share their experiences. For 40 to 50 minutes, experts discuss the subject share their experiences and their advice to help you:

  • Make better use of messaging apps
  • Improve your customer relationship
  • Take advantage of chatbots
  • Design a positive, conversational experience for your customers


E-commerce podcast

Do you want to maintain or improve the sales of your online store? Discover 2 marketing podcasts specialized in e-commerce!


14: The Basket

Once a week, Le Panier goes out to meet e-merchants. The goal? Collect strategies and good practices to increase your sales.

In one hour of discussion, you will be able to draw inspiration from the experiences of your colleagues to better use advertising tools, SEO, and all effective marketing techniques to boost your turnover.

Presented by Laurent Kretz, this marketing podcast also discusses the latest e-commerce trends and best practices to avoid competition overtake.

All sectors are mentioned: from food to fashion, including cosmetics and B2B.


15: The e-commerce cafe

If you like the coffee shop atmosphere, you’ll love the Le Café de l’E-commerce podcast. Hosted by Adrien and Laetitia, this program analyzes current events, trends, and professions that revolve around online sales.

Guests with recognized expertise regularly join the 2 facilitators to present their strategies, advice, and successes.

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