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Bitcoin Billionaires: Who Became A Billionaire With Bitcoins In 2022?

Bitcoin Billionaires: Who are the richest on the planet who have acquired excellent aggregates thanks to cryptocurrencies, the steady walk of Bitcoin, and the NFT pattern that has detonated somewhat recently?


Forbes responds to this question with its yearly ranking of the world’s wealthiest individuals. This year the quantity of bitcoin billionaires on the rundown has expanded: the refreshed Forbes ranking of the richest on the planet because of crypto and blockchain now counts 19 billionaires, 7 a more significant number than a year ago. Among the new sections are the pioneers behind the framework organization Web3 Alchemy and the originators behind OpenSea, the biggest non-fungible symbolic commercial center.

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Be that as it may, who exhaustively are the financial backers with the plunder close by, and what are their total assets? Here is the ranking.

Bitcoin Billionaire

The cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Billionaires : ranking 2022


  1. Changpeng Zhao ( Binance ) – $65 miliardi
  2. Sam Bankman-Fried ( FTX ) – $ 24 billion
  3. Brian Armstrong (Coinbase) – $ 6,6 miliardi
  4. Gary Wang ( FTX ) – $ 5.9 billion
  5. Chris Larsen ( Ripple ) – $ 4.3 billion
  6. Cameron e Tyler Winklevoss (Bitcoin) – $ 4 miliardi
  7. Song Chi-hyung ( Upbit ) – $ 3.7 million
  8. Barry Silbert (Digital Currency Group) – $ 3,2 miliardi
  9. Jed McCaleb ( Ripple , Stellar ) – $ 2.5 billion
  10. Nikil Viswanathan and Joseph Lau ( Alchemy ) – $2.4 billion
  11. Devin Finzer e Alex Atallah ( OpenSea ) – $ 2.2 billion
  12. Fred Ehrsam ( Coinbase ) – $ 2.1 billion
  13. Kim Hyoung-nyon ( Dunamo ) – $ 1.9 billion
  14. Michael Saylor (MicroStrategy) – $ 1,6 miliardi
  15. Matthew Roszak ( Bloq ) – $ 1.4 billion
  16. Tim Draper (investor, ventur capitalist) – $1.2 billion
  17. Changpeng Zhao (Binance) – $65 miliardi


Changpeng Zhao, 44, Canadian, organizer and CEO of digital money trade Binance, is the wealthiest individual in the cryptographic money industry, with expected total assets of $ 65 billion, as per the Forbes 2022 Bitcoin Billionaires ranking. She is in the nineteenth spot in the ranking of the wealthiest individuals on the planet.

As per specialists and experts, Binance would have a market worth of $ 92.5 billion, and Zhao’s possession stake would be no less than 70%.


1-Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX) – $ 24 billion

Brought into the world in 1992, Bankman-Fried is the CEO of the well-known digital currency trade FTX, which brought $ 400 million up in January with a valuation of $ 32 billion. The 30-year-old likewise oversees resources through Alameda Research, a digital money exchanging organization he established in 2017. He possesses about a portion of FTX and more than $ 7 billion of FTT, the stage’s local token.


2-Brian Armstrong (Coinbase) – $ 6,6 miliardi

In third put on the Forbes ranking is Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase Global, the most prominent digital currency trader in the United States. A previous programmer at Airbnb, he helped establish Coinbase in 2012 with merchant Fred Ehrsam, who is likewise present here.

On April 14, 2021, with the IPO on the Nasdaq, Coinbase immediately arrived at a market capitalization of 100 billion bucks. Armstrong claims a roughly 19% stake in Coinbase.


3-Gary Wang (FTX) – $ 5.9 billion

Fellow benefactor and boss innovation official of FTX, Gary Wang, possesses the fourth spot ranking. A previous programmer at Google, he concentrated on math and software engineering at MIT. In 2019 he sent off FTX with Bankman-Fried and possessed a 16% stake.


4-Chris Larsen (Ripple) – $ 4.3 billion

Chris Larsen, 60, helped establish Ripple in 2012 to work on worldwide installments for banks utilizing blockchain innovation. No longer CEO, from which he surrendered in 2016, Larsen stays the organization’s, Chief Executive. Before Ripple, he established e-Loan, an internet-based contract administration, and Prosper, a shared loaning stage.


5-Cameron e Tyler Winklevoss (Bitcoin) – $ 4 miliardi

The twin siblings referred to the overall population as Mark Zuckerberg’s school foes in The Social Network (they tested Zuck for Facebook’s protected innovation) and transformed their $ 65 million arrangement into bitcoin, storing up a loot of $ 4 billion each. The siblings began purchasing bitcoins in 2012. In 2013 they had around $ 11 million worth of bitcoins, still esteemed at $ 120 each. Today, with a conversion scale above $ 40,000, their capital is currently nine zeroes.

Playing with clever – and ahead of time – the Winklevosses established Gemini a long time ago, a first undeveloped trade stage whose fame has developed following Bitcoin. Likewise, they own the Nifty Gateway advanced craftsmanship sell-off stage, where the absolute most costly NFTs in history was bought.


6-Song Chi-hyung (Upbit) – $ 3.7 million

Upbit is South Korea’s driving crypto trade, where the market is valued at $ 46 billion. Its pioneer, Song Chi-Hyung, claims about a fourth of Upbit’s parent organization Dunamu, which was esteemed at $ 17 billion last November when Hybe, the office behind K-pop gathering BTS, purchased a stake. Of 2.5%.

Bitcoin Billionaire

7-Barry Silbert (Digital Currency Group) – $ 3,2 miliardi

Barry Silbert is the pioneer and CEO of Digital Currency Group. This organization helps construct the underpinning of the cryptographic money and blockchain industry by sending off, brooding, and putting resources into new businesses and innovative organizations that intend to upset the monetary administration industry. Barry likewise established the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT), a personal asset focused on financial backers who need openness to Bitcoin.

Before that, he established SecondMarket, an exchanging stage that permits privately owned businesses and speculation assets to control and execute essential and optional exchanges without issues.


8-Jed McCaleb (Ripple, Stellar) – $ 2.5 billion

Jed McCaleb, 47, was one of the trailblazers of the blockchain. He is behind Mt. Gox, the principal major Bitcoin trade, made in 2010 and left a year after. I hacked it.

Then, at that point, he helped to establish Ripple in 2012 to pass on it because of contrasts with different pioneers. After two years, it was the turn of Stellar, Ripple’s rival. A significant part of the gathered resources come from the assessed 3.4 billion XRP he holds and the 9 billion XRP he took as the pioneer behind Ripple.


9-Nikil Viswanathan vs. Joseph Lau (Alchemy) – $2.4 billion

Nikil Viswanathan helped establish with Joseph Lau Alchemy, a stage that permits engineers to fabricate blockchain applications. Theoretical chemistry serves 4 million clients in 200 nations each week. The organization reported $ 15 million in financing from Stanford University, Samsung, Pantera Capital, Coinbase, Google President Charles Schwab, Jay Z, Reid Hoffman, Jerry Yang, Duncan Niederauer, Tom Glocer, Will Smith, and different chiefs. Tech bitcoin billionaires, Stanford software engineering teachers, and proprietors of elite athletics groups.


10-David Finzer e Alex Atallah (OpenSea) – $2.2 billion

In 2018, Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah established OpenSea, quite possibly the most well-known, if not the most famous, stage for making, selling, and purchasing NFTs. Finzer, CEO of OpenSea, was a programmer at Google and Pinterest and sold his previous organization, Claimdog, to Credit Karma. Atallah, the organization’s CTO, Stanford’s alum, worked at two new companies before OpenSea. Atallah and Finzer turned into the NFT business’s most memorable bitcoin billionaires in January 2021 after a speculation round that raised their organization to $ 13.3 billion.


11-Fred Ehrsam – $ 2.1 billion

34-year-old, a software engineering single man with a significant in financial matters, a previous unfamiliar money merchant at Goldman Sachs, Fred Ehrsam is most famous for establishing Coinbase with Brian Armstrong in 2012. He is one of the principal heroes in the 2020 novel Kings of Crypto: One Startup’s Quest to Take Cryptocurrency Out of Silicon Valley and Onto Wall Street.

In 2018, he helped establish digital currency venture company Paradigm with previous Sequoia Capital financial backer Matt Huang.


12-Kim Hyoung-Nyon (Dunamo) – $ 1.9 billion

Dunamu oversees South Korea’s driving cryptographic money trade. In September 2021, it brought $ 85 million up in speculation round with a valuation of $ 8.7 billion. Its pioneer, Kim Hyoung-nyon, 46, is an independent man. Before Dunamo, he worked in a Korean versatile installment organization, Daniel.


13-Michael Saylor (MicroStrategy) – $ 1,6 miliardi

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, a business knowledge programming organization, made a significant move in only one year: his total assets were $ 600 million in the Forbes 2021 outline. In April 2022, the organization purchased $ 191 million worth of bitcoins and presently holds 129,218.


14-Matthew Roszak – $ 1.2 billion

Likewise, we are confronted with a thoroughbred bull for this situation: among the first to wager on Bitcoin – it was the far-off 2012 Pleistocene of cryptocurrencies – Roszak established the startup Bloq quite a while back, zeroed in on blockchain innovation.

As per the latest evaluations, its cryptographic money resources arrive at 1.2 billion bucks. Be that as it may, focus on detail: somewhat recently alone, Roszak’s record has enrolled an increment of 300 million bucks on account of the confounding ascent of Bitcoin available.


15-Tim Draper – $ 1.1 billion

Shuts the ranking of the wealthiest bitcoin  billionaires on the planet Tim Draper, the furthest down the line beneficiary of a tradition that made Silicon Valley extraordinary: great blood doesn’t lie, it could be said since the scion is likewise among the principal financial backers in Tesla, the Elon Musk’s organization whose offers have returned 113.6% throughout the last year,

In 2014, in any case, the Bitcoin bet: assuming Draper has really kept up with its situation from right around a long time back – around 29,656 units – then, at that point, the speculation has yielded 1.1 billion bucks.


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