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Successful Business: Every business succeeds from the head. Any business can grow thanks to professional guidance and the accompaniment of a skilled and experienced business consultant. Professional business consulting often distinguishes between a successful business and a faltering and failing business.

As a business owner, you must have asked yourself how it can be that an expert professional and so talented as you do not have clients standing in line? The answer is simple. The secret lies in the elements I discovered in hard work learning from the experience processes of hundreds of business owners.


Every business succeeds from the head. Any business can grow thanks to professional guidance and the accompaniment of a skilled and experienced business consultant. Professional business consulting often distinguishes between a successful business and a faltering and failing business.

As a business owner, you must have asked yourself, how can it be that an expert professional as talented as you do not have customers standing in line? The answer is simple. The secret lies in the elements I discovered in hard work learning from the experience processes of hundreds of business owners.

Here are the essential secrets to the success of any business.


What Are The 3 Secrets That Will Make Any Business Successful?

I grew up in a home of the self-employed. My parents, who lived, had a printing house. The business was right under the house. As someone who grew up in the home of the self-employed who lived in the company 24/6, I became acquainted with the complexity of the self-employed world. I built my content world because I saw the big difference between a business owner and a professional.


I have seen the many difficulties you face independently and the situation where if you work on the machine, then do not market because it is impossible to be in two places simultaneously. Then a position of egg and chicken is created.

As a member of a family that ran a family business, every day, one could easily see the immense difficulty in dealing with the business owner: the challenges and barriers were noticeable, and they affected the conduct of the business and, of course, of the home.

Thanks to the fact that I grew up in a family that ran a family business, I learned to give business owners the tools that can help them get on the highway very quickly and achieve the required result.


I became aware that a business owner can be a cannon in his profession. I learned that most self-employed people have a very high professional ability in their field. Despite the complexity of the business, it requires the collection, workforce handling, marketing, regulation, consumer preferences, technological changes and more.

And in the end, that same professional just wanted to be a business owner and deal with what he likes. Instead, he finds that 90% of the time, he has to engage in a million and one other tasks unrelated to his profession. This is what happens to most freelancers. They suddenly discover that business is not what they thought. The picture is different.

Consider this huge difficulty for business owners to deal with the variety of actions that the business requires. This is the core of my business. This is what my business is all about: my business helps business owners turn their businesses into a profitable and stable companies.

When starting a business, you need to do it with the right intention. You need to engage in business management, cash flow, strategy, marketing, and sales. You need to take expert, good and reliable professionals who will help put the business on its feet.

Another thing, as business owners, we live in perpetual uncertainty. We do not know what a child’s day is. If today the income rating was X, tomorrow it could be X – and the next day it could be X +. This means that this amplitude of the hierarchy between income and expenditure is often inconceivable.

Successful Business

The monthly change is inconceivable, and suddenly there is a lot of work, so do not invest in marketing and then abruptly, the piece ends. You get to some pit and then try to move the wheel once again. But this time, it is done under the economic and mental pressure that this reality creates. The energy we as business owners need in propelling the wheel every time is immense. It sucks from us cognitive strengths, days of great difficulty and sometimes despair.

Then a pit is formed. They do not always know how to skip over the hole. Some business owners slip into the pit and give up. Some seek help, some ignore it, and some buy a ladder. It all depends on the level of preparation, skill and knowledge of that business owner.


Tip 1 For A Successful Business: Find Your Differentiation As Quickly As Possible

When I ask a printing house owner – what his business deals with, he usually answers me, “What do you mean? My business deals with printing” when I ask a garage owner – he answers me: “Car repair.” HE ANSWERS ME when I ask an architect: “What is it? Says? I’m an architect planning houses. ”

Well, friends, that’s not the point. This refers to the problem that our business solves for the customer, for his real needs. It is related to a whole range of factors. As business owners, we must distil the narrowest point, penetrating it.

This will be the differentiation we will define for our business. The area where we operate could be related to the type of pricing and our accessibility. There are many more ideas for creating differentiation, but the bottom line is what value do we give the customer? What is the value at which the business differs from the other competitors?

Locating the differentiation of the business is not a simple thing. We need to identify why customers come to us time and time again. What is the fastest way to know why they return to our business? The best way is to ask them.


 Tip 2 For A Successful Business: Invest 75% Of Your Day In Marketing Your Business.

As mentioned, most business owners are constantly engaged in business activity. They do not differentiate between business and professionalism. They are always very good professionals. They are excellent in their profession, and they do not understand that they need to be business owners.

I cite this as an example because many business owners see other business owners who are mediocre in their quality and have customers who stand in line. In contrast, they are much more successful and professional, but the customers do not stand in line with them. Why is it happening?

Because to create a queue of customers, we must act intensively on the marketing side, no matter if we do it through digital marketing or any marketing method, if we take a company that will do it for us or if we learn and do it ourselves.

Bottom line. We should do most of our activity on the marketing side, not the professional side. Out of our full day, 75% of the day do marketing and work only 25%.

Many business owners say they do not want to engage in marketing, which is not why they set up the business. For clarity, a business owner who does not invest in marketing then has no business. If he wants to be a professional in his field, he should be an employee in his profession.

Invest in business marketing. Only effective and efficient marketing will bring customers to the business.


Tip 3 For A Successful Business: Invest In Running A Business

Most of us tend to put out fires. Why? Because of the washer washes, there will always be urgent things that happen all the time. There is probably a problem if the business owner is constantly dragged after these actions. As business owners, we have to continually do the important activities, which will reduce the urgent actions anyway.

Therefore we have to prepare a plan. There is no reference to a business plan or a grandiose plan. Not. This refers to a small project, such as planning the schedule of what will be done today/tomorrow.

What questions should we ask ourselves as part of the program? for example:

  • How many customers do we want to enter the business today?
  • How many customers joined the company last month?
  • How much money goes into each area of ​​the company? (There may be more profitable and less profitable areas)
  • How much money goes in from each customer? (Some customers are more profitable and less profitable)
  • How much space will I leave on the shelves, if at all?
  • Where should I place each product?

One needs to know how to manage things effectively in the right way. Every business owner can move forward and develop in the right place for their business.

For example, from a business, I went through a business consulting process with:

a veteran neighbourhood business were husband and wife work. They gave great service but worked from morning to night.

As part of the business accompaniment, we decided that:

  • The business owner will be the business owner and not the main employee. We slowly rescued him from being directly in front of the customers in the show.
  • We researched and mapped the more and less profitable products, so we also placed them in the business. The better outcomes, we put in the most accessible places.
  • We created differentiation in the business through excellent service. For any product that customers bought in the industry, if they did not want it, it was possible to return and get the money back at MKVM without any question.

Because the business owners were confident in their products and because they are a neighbourhood business, they know that customers will not come to them from a distance but from their geographical area, so if we are in the same place, we have built trust and that is the point – building trust.

And against this background, we created the differentiation expressed in the service and emphasized the advantage of being able to get the money back at any given moment, so the customer does not have to make a decision instead.

Suppose the customer does not have to decide on the spot. In that case, he does not mind buying another product, going home, considering and if not suitable – returning. Factually we have created for the customers a mechanism that will make it easier for them to make the decisions. Because they are not stressed that they will not be able to return, they know that they can always return and get their money back no matter what.

This differentiation caused a significant increase in the business. The owners became owners and not the main employees. Beyond increasing revenue, they suddenly had a life apart from the company. After all, why did we set up the business first? Not to work from morning to night, but to realize life, spend time with our spouses and the children, walk, study, and have fun.


In conclusion, there is life, and there is business. One needs to know how to conduct oneself properly and learn how to put our time and energies both in the business place and in the family, personal, professional and mental place because that is the essence.


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