Google Advertising Business: So what is that Google Advertising Business

Google Business advertising until a little over a decade ago, did not exist. And most businesses in the world would market their business on existing platforms, which are TV, radio, and press, so-called old media.

It is possible to advertise in the same method, and large companies still pay a lot of money. But then, even today, small to medium business owners can not afford financially to advertise in this method since these are large sums. Most importantly, it is not possible to know how much it improves the revenue and increases the business’s customer base.

If we are more precise, advertising in the older media is more correct for increasing awareness and branding the business and not necessarily growing revenue.

With the advancement of technology and the fact that everyone has access to the Internet, whether mobile or laptop, Google-sponsored business advertising has gained tremendous momentum. And everything is at the touch of a button, and some say that a business that is not there does not exist!


Advertise On Google And Grow Your Business

Advertising a business on Google is one of the best decisions a business owner can make to expand your reach new customers and expand your business. Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is the largest and most widely used online advertising platform globally. Your business can reach a potential audience of millions by advertising on Google.

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There are several ways to advertise a business on Google, and each has different benefits.

Google Advertising Business

Advertising Business On Google In The Search Network Based On Ads

Nowadays, customers who need a particular service or product first search for it on Google. As soon as they type in a search word, ads related to the same topic they are looking for open up.

The first results above and below the organic ads are sponsored ads. A business owner pays Google to appear there. Clicking on ads leads the surfer directly to the website or landing page of the business.

How Google pays for the ads is by clicking. The business owner pays for every click of the surfer to the ad he posted.


Advertising Business On Google In The Display Network Based On Banners

Google collaborates with lots of great sites worldwide and rents advertising space for banner appearances. And allows businesses to advertise on those sites by designing banners.

Google-sponsored business advertising on the Display Network is primarily intended to brand businesses and increase their awareness.

Thousands of surfers go to great sites, and the potential for exposure is excellent. So, suppose a banner advertising for your business appears there. In that case, it will increase its awareness and brand your business in a better way.

How to pay Google for the banners is a little different from the search network. There are two main ways to pay. One is by clicks, just like the ads on the search network, and the other way is by exposure, similar to Facebook.


Advertising On Youtube Based On Videos

YouTube is one of the popular platforms for consuming video-type content. As a result, people spend quite a bit of time on YouTube.

There are several main goals to post on YouTube. Similar to the media network, here, too, we strengthen the brand and increase awareness of the business. In addition, we support the connection and trust of the surfers in the brand through suitable marketing videos.

After watching the video, traffic to the site of surfers is high quality, which yields good results.

There are different types of ads on YouTube. When each has advantages and disadvantages, and its payment method is another.

There are two main types of advertising on YouTube: video advertising and ad posting.


Advertising Google In The Shopping Network Based On A Product Catalog

Advertising a business by financing with Google in the shopping network is mainly for online stores. This allows retailers to sell inventory online or stock in a local store. Such sites are called eCommerce sites.

There are many advantages of advertising shopping compared to advertising on different platforms.

  • High-quality website traffic (because a surfer sees the details before clicking on an ad)
  • More ad placements than a regular search campaign.
  • Cheaper clicks (because there are more ad placements)
  • It’s easier to run a movement than a search campaign.
  • One advertiser can show multiple ads from their store, not allowing a search campaign.

The method of payment to Google is similar to the search network. The business owner also pays for every click of the surfer to the ad he has published.


In Conclusion

it does not matter who you are, business owner or professional. And you are interested in reaching new customers, which will increase your sales turnover and, in general, the business’s success. You must appear in Google on one of the appropriate platforms for you. Because, as everyone already understood, those who are not on Google do not exist


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