A major revolution in the automotive aesthetics market was the emergence of automotive mobile detailing studios – also known as mobile detailing. Although already studied and carried out by some professionals in the 1950s, it was only around 20 years ago that the concept of aesthetics began to gain strength, mainly in the USA and England.

Taking care of a vehicle has become an attitude of guarantee, prevention, and increasing the brand’s helpful life and synonymous with status and differentiation. Automotive aesthetics has developed, and today, we have cutting-edge equipment and products on the market capable of promoting impressive results in any vehicle, among a series of possible services, each with its differences and benefits.

All of these services are carried out within an automotive studio. Or at least, they were. Currently, a new concept is emerging: the mobile detailing studio. Understand a little more about this new concept and the benefits it can bring to you.


When we think about mobile companies, the idea of ​​providing a service with less added value, softer and faster, comes to mind, right? Well, the mobile detailing studio doesn’t follow this rule.

Although the service can be carried out anywhere without a physical space, automotive  mobile detailing services allow everything needed to transport a perfect service.

In other words, this new concept is based on convenience, exclusive service, and practicality for the vehicle owner. It was born by understanding the pains and difficulties of people today who have less time and a busy routine and can hardly give up their vehicle for hours or even days.

The automotive mobile detailing studio is a concept developed to serve the customer better.



No. Specific equipment and unique products are required to carry out any service within the range of automotive mobile detailing. However, they are small and can be transported, requiring only an energy channel. In the mobile detailing studio, it is possible to carry out the service in the garage of the client’s home or the parking lot of their work without compromising quality.

Additional support equipment can help the mobile detailing professional’s work be carried out more efficiently – thus improving the final result. At PremiumCAR, for example, in our mobile detailing service mode, we have a specific vehicle, plotted, and with a cabin for storing and transporting all components and accessories, as well as support equipment – ​​portable table, power cables, and the like – for serve the customer wherever they are.


The mobile studio has many benefits for you. Below, check out some:

  • Mobility: We can serve you anywhere; make an appointment in advance. You don’t need to travel to the city center, wasting time and stressing about the task.
  • Time optimization: Some car detailing services take up to three days to complete. In other words, it is impossible for anyone with a daily work routine.
  • Economy: Due to the need to maintain a physical space, many studios increase the price of their services. In the mobile studio, investing in this item is unnecessary, making the final value more affordable for the client.
  • Security: Although studios are increasingly safer, it’s a little scary to imagine your vehicle being left in a store for days, right?! Imagine if the service was carried out in the safety of your home or building.

Exclusive service: When a detailing professional comes to your home, he will not have distractions from other clients or phone calls, for example. In other words, you have EXCLUSIVE service, provided FASTER.



Like everything in the world, conventional models and processes are improved to serve society better and people in the current context in which they live. In a reality where time is increasingly shorter for everyone, mobile studios are the ideal way for you to detail your vehicle.

Without compromising on quality, you can have technical polishing and complete automotive glazing in a few days without giving up your means of transport to work or any other exit, and you can still sleep with peace of mind because your vehicle is in your garage every night.

 PremiumCAR has the complete structure of a mobile automotive detailing studio to serve you in the best possible way. Schedule a no-obligation technical visit!


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