Computer Repair: Everything Need To Know Hiring Technicians

Does your computer falter or decide to go out of action, especially when you are at the height of stress? How to find a reliable technician, is it possible to solve faults on the phone, how much will you pay for a computer repair, and how will you know if the diagnosis is correct? The answers in the guide in front of you

Computer Repair

Computer repair is not a simple challenge for those who are not experts. After all, a computer technician can tell us what he wants – what we already understand. A little wise consumption and a few simple tips will help you get out of it safely and without being worked on and exploiting your innocence.

Unlike professionals from other fields, very little can be learned about computer technicians and computer labs from certificates. Computer technicians do not require a license or special certifications, and many excellent and decent technicians are without formal education.


Added to this is the petty problem that if you are not an expert in the field, you have no way of knowing if the person in front of you is a professional or a hair.


How To Choose Technicians For Computer Repair?

When one of the appliances in the home or business breaks down, it is never pleasant and usually happens at the least convenient time. In such a situation, one should look for a professional, fair, inexpensive, and know how to give good service, so how do you find one?


While most of us know how to turn on the computer, surf and send emails, those of you who are not in the field usually do not understand how the computer works and will not be able to identify a professional computer technician or “haffer” anyway.


Since the field of computer technicians is quite open. Various institutions issue certificates at a variety of levels, it is not uncommon to come across technicians who are not experienced enough – and these may sell themselves cheaply but may cost you dearly, whether lost important information (documents, photos, etc.) or recurring Caused as a result of lack of professionalism and insufficient knowledge of the technician.


Before The Meeting: Advance Phone Call To Computer Repair

When we need to hire a computer technician, we should check a few things. First of all, every computer technician or any other technician is a human being, so it is important to be humane and friendly. From the first phone call, it is worth noting the tone of his speech, patience, and willingness to help and provide service. Suppose you feel a severe lack of communication. In that case, it is better not to move on and save the future discomfort if the fault recurs or you will need additional support or further treatment for the same fault.


If the first step was successful, ask the technician some questions, explain the details of the fault and try to diagnose by phone as much as possible the nature of the fault and estimate the cost of repair. It is essential to know that a professional computer technician usually will not give a complete diagnosis. It is impossible to precisely know the problem without seeing the computer. However, guiding questions on the phone can sometimes point in the right direction. For example: if the computer does not turn on at all and does not make fan noise, and the lights are off, there is a high probability that the fault is in the power supply (the part to which the power cable in the wall is connected and its function is to supply voltage to computer components). In other cases, the fault source can be in the video card, in the memory and rarely also in the motherboard. Of course, these are just examples, and there are other ways to diagnose, and there may be other causes that cause the malfunction. In any case, the technician must qualify for the diagnosis. A professional computer technician will emphasize this to coordinate expectations with the customer to avoid misunderstandings about the price and time required to repair the fault.


How Much Does Computer Repair Cost?

The next step is to estimate the price. A reliable and professional computer technician will charge a reasonable price – not too cheap and expensive. An inexperienced computer technician may charge a low hourly rate. Still, he may spend more time repairing the actual fault and end up with a higher final price which is at best. You may also be asked to replace or purchase hardware or software components that you do not really need and are part of attempts. His correction. In more extreme cases, you may encounter new future glitches or loss of information. You will have to invest extra money and valuable time to repair the damage caused. However, a technician who demands a high amount does not always attest to its quality, which is not necessarily justified.

So what are we doing? – You should get an idea of ​​the price range and ask for a quote from some technicians. Once you have figured out what you need, you should call a few technicians and hear from them about an estimated cost for repair. This way, you will be able to estimate the average price and get an impression of the service.



A computer technician or network technician usually charges according to working hours, unless otherwise agreed. Another critical factor is the availability of the technician. How soon he will arrive and if he will meet the set times. It should be taken into account that delays may occur, which does not necessarily indicate the quality of service, as long as it is not an extreme delay and the technician has called to notify in advance. It is also advisable to coordinate an estimated time estimate of the work by phone. If it is possible to get a quote for repair by type of fault and not by hours, this is especially true for private clients.


Order The Technician

Suppose the technician tells you that you have a defective memory component and that its replacement cost is so and so shekels – do you know how to contradict this claim? In this sense, it is not much different from a mechanic, dentist or other professional.


In any case, you should contact a lab or technician for whom you have received recommendations. But beyond that, to reduce the risk, one can take some precautions listed here.


Common Scams And How To Avoid Them

Like dishonest professionals in other fields, the cornerstone of any dishonest computer technician is the artificial inflation of the cost of repair. Common examples:

  • Unnecessary replacement of a correct component.


  • Exorbitant charging for (justified) replacement of a component.


  • Fixing a software glitch and charging for hardware that was supposedly replaced.


  • Replace a faulty component with a more expensive one, claiming that “one is no longer manufactured.”


How can you protect yourself from such and such scams and avoid large and unexpected expenses?

Make it clear to the technician that you want to know the required repair and cost in advance and approve them. If it is an expensive repair – ask him to send you a detailed quote.


Advanced: If your computer can be turned on and used at least partially, install diagnostic software such as PC Wizard and use it to document your computer’s hardware.

Make a report of the existing hardware and print it in two copies – one for the technician and the other for you.


When Visiting The Lab

The simple list of tips in front of you will miraculously improve the chances of receiving good service and successful repair at a reasonable cost and without any glitches.

  • Take someone with you. Bring a friend, family member or spouse, and ask them to be attentive and focused. It’s harder to later claim a “misunderstanding” or deny things said when there is a witness.


  • These are the warning signs: a neglected lab, an explanation that “this is going to be an expensive repair” before the computer is tested, or just rude service are signs that you need to turn around and go to another lab.


  • Ask in advance to have any part replaced. One of the most common and annoying scams is replacing a proper component, saving it, and charging for the replacement component.


This type of scam becomes less cost-effective and much more dangerous for a scammer when the “damaged” component comes back to you anyway.


  • Did you get a quote? Check it out. If this is a severe malfunction and requires an expensive repair, seek additional advice from another technician or lab.


  • Describe the fault to them and ask what the repair options are and what they cost. If necessary, show them the offer you received. If they detect suspected cheating, they will tell you.
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