Buying Laptops Everything You Need To Know Before

Planning to indulge in a new laptop? Especially today, when our life is on disk when the computer centralizes our duties and rights, the work and the possibilities for fun with the children, the bills and games, it is essential to choose a good computer that will fit exactly our needs and serve us for a long time. You do not have to be a computer technician to select the right computer for you. In a detailed and explanatory article, we have gathered all the tips, tips, and important points to pay attention to when buying laptops.

buying laptops

Mobile? Yes, But What Kind?

“Laptop” is no longer one product, but a family of different products with different characteristics, and you must know what is right for you. The difference between the products is mainly in size. Your choice between one product and another will probably stem from your need to use a computer on a mobile. If you are planning to take it with you in your bag, school or travel abroad, or it is for work at home and just not suitable for you to work at a desk – these are the points that will help you choose the type of laptop you want.


Laptops Are Divided Into Four Subtypes:

Desknote – weighs over 3.5 kg and has a screen over 17 inches in size. A large and heavy computer designed for stationary work.

“Normal” mobile (Netbook) – weighing between 2-3.5 kg, with a screen size of 14.1 – 15.4 inches. This is the average laptop we are used to seeing.

“Super Netbook” – weighs less than two kilograms and has a screen size of 10.6 – 13.3 inches. This is a tiny computer suitable for those supposed to carry it from place to place, for example, students. Usually, the hardware of such a computer will be less About that of a “regular” laptop – both in terms of processor capacity and the amount of storage.

Tablet PC – Usually has a more or less 12-inch touch screen, especially good for writing, surfing the Internet, writing emails, running applications, listening to sound files, and playing videos. Unable to run “heavy” computer software, such as Photoshop and other dedicated software.


Faster, Higher, Stronger

The hardware that will determine how long your computer will “think” after each activity is its processor – and you want a processor as robust as possible. Today, most laptops come with quad-core processors (that is, four “brains” process each request simultaneously) in the most powerful i3, i5, or i7 version. Most of the processors installed in the buying laptops are from the Intel manufacturing company. In recent years, AMD has also become a famous processor company. Some people prefer processors from AMD over processors from Intel.


So Why Pay Attention To The CPU:

Check the processor version, how many cores it has, and the processing speed (a number that will usually come in gigabytes of runners or thousands of mega-runners). The one who has more – faster


The Memory Of An Elephant

Your computer’s hard memory will allow you to keep it – basically everything – software, documents, movies, files, and more. The computer’s internal memory has two features that determine its quality: its response speed and volume. Memory speed is measured in RPM (Rounds Per Minute), and the reasonable rate is RPM5,400. Memory is usually measured in GHz or terms, and the minimum practical disk capacity is GB250.


Size Determines?

One of the significant advantages of buying laptops is its size – or rather, its small size. You can put the computer in a bag, take it with you to meetings, transfer it to all the information it has from place to place, and enjoy working “at home” even when working outside – even in a cafe. So how important is size to you? Usually, the more influential the laptop is, on the one hand, heavier. Still, on the other hand, its keyboard will be bigger and more spacious, it will be comfortable to work for those of us who work long hours on the computer or are short-sighted, and the like.

So if you’re one of those people who take your computer everywhere, your eyesight is 6: 6, and your fingers are thin – it sounds like you’re the type of tiny computer. On the other hand, if you enjoy working over a screen of minimal size, need space on your keyboard, and do not carry the laptop with you so much – you will have no problem choosing a large, well-equipped, and comfortable computer – even if it is a little heavier.


How Long Will It Last?

A laptop does not require work next to an electrical outlet in the wall – this is precisely why it is equipped with a built-in battery. Batteries with suitable suppliers will work for about an hour and a half in continuous work and provide a standby time of 4 and 6 hours. Usually, the smaller the computer, the less battery life is likely to last without charging. Therefore in the matter of the battery, it is essential to find out –

How long does the seller undertake that the battery will last in everyday use without a power connection?

How easy is it to replace a battery? (On computers with a built-in battery, it is not easy at all, and sometimes you have to give the laptop to a technician to replace the battery) How much does a new battery cost?

How many years is the battery supposed to last until its working hours are significantly reduced?

Suppose you spend a lot of time outside and using your computer without a power supply connection. In that case, it is essential to consider that you may need to start carrying a spare battery in your bag at some point in your computer life.


Paper Or Plastic?

The quality of the finish and connection of the computer and its “body” will determine its durability over time. If you have two left hands, have children of dangerous ages or just like to drink your coffee really close to the keyboard, if you plan to walk around with the computer a lot or just important to go for a particularly tough computer – this is a parameter you should pay attention to – strong body, use In quality materials and extreme durability. Suppose the computer mainly stands on the desk and does not have a five-star rating in crash/embedding tests or dust resistance. In that case, this is probably not a disaster for you.


With Extras On The Side

Connections, ports, inputs, and devices will help you turn on your new laptop along with other devices in the home. Here are some essential questions to get answers to before choosing your next mobile phone:

How many USB ports does the computer have? Are they all Type 3 USB? Is the quantity enough for you?

Does the computer have an HDMI port for connecting to a TV, for example? Or a VGA port for working with external monitors? Do you need one?

Does the computer have a CD – ROM that allows working with disks? Do you need one?

Does the computer have a port that allows you to work with SD cards, typical of digital cameras? Do you need one?

What about enough connections for speakers, microphones, and headphones? Do you need such? Does the computer meet your needs in this regard?


Service And Warranty

Each laptop comes with a warranty from the manufacturer or its supplier. There are warranty conditions that allow sending a technician or courier to pick up and return the computer from home in the event of a malfunction. There is a warranty that includes various hardware components and multiple faults. Especially in the confirmation field, you must check exactly what you get and, if necessary – adjust the contract to get suitable coverage precisely against computer malfunctions.


And In A Personal Tone

Especially on buying laptops, you must see the bride before you get married – or in other words, you must see, hold and test the computer you choose before you purchase it. It’s essential that you pay attention to the keyboard structure, the nuances of the computer, its size, weight, and agronomic design – and that you see that it suits you, sometimes, especially when buying laptops, the laptop just does not fit the buyer, and its use does not become easier over time. Therefore, even if you are buying laptops online, it is advisable to go to a large computer store and get acquainted with your new computer face to face.

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