Straightforward, productive, adjustable: our car insurance adjusts to your requirements

You choose one of our 6 formulas: Third Party Eco, Third Party Essential, Third Party Essential+, All Risks Eco, All Risks Comfort and All Risks Comfort+. Then, you personalize your car insurance by choosing the additional guarantees that correspond to your needs from the options available in the chosen formula, as well as your deductible and your method of payment.

Ride serene! Anything your decisions, we generally remember fundamental assurances and administrations for your car insurance:  


mandatory common responsibility, to fix material and substantial harm caused to other street clients,

the bodily injury of the driver in the event of injury following a covered accident, with in particular the payment of a capital sum in the event of permanent disability,

every minute of every day help with the occasion of a mishap, whether you are in France or in most outside nations, as well as helps with drafting your mishap report and in the event of a breakdown at more than 50 kilometers from home for all our Third Party and All Risks formulas. MAAF additionally helps you in drafting your joint report in case of a mishap.

About the various recipes of our insurance

MAAF offers 4 car insurance offers to meet your expectations:

car insurance

Car insurance with the Tiers Eco formula 

It is a insurance offer with an appealing cost and fundamental certifications. Unlike third-party car insurance, specificities exist in the level of deductible, the level of guarantee coverage, and the amounts of compensation in the event of the driver’s disability whose guarantees are reduced.


Assurances auto Tiers 

They are suitable for older vehicles or vehicles with a value that you consider to be reduced. How much the insurance is lower than an All Risks insurance since it just ensures the harm caused to someone else. Outsider insurance doesn’t cover fixes to your car assuming that you are to blame for a mishap. Have confidence, outsider insurance covers substantial injury to the driver of the vehicle and its travelers, answerable for the mishap. 


Eco All Risks car insurance

Ensuring your car with the All Risks Eco car contract allows you to be insured in the event of an accident at fault.The assurances of the agreement in any case stay less covering than car insurance with an All Risks recipe.


All-risk car insurance

These are the vehicle insurances that provide you with complete protection to deal with the unforeseen.It covers substantial injury and material harm that you might cause to an outsider and to yourself as a driver. This kind of insurance is great for new, later, or very good quality cars that actually have a high worth.


The guarantees available on our car insurance

To adjust your car insurance according to your needs, MAAF offers you numerous guarantees depending on the formula chosen, such as:


0 km breakdown assistance: if your car breaks down less than 50 km from your home, MAAF Assistance will send a repairman to repair it or tow it to the closest carport or your preferred carport.

Enhanced compensation: in the event of theft or total destruction of your car, MAAF reimburses your car at its purchase value for up to 4 years in the All Risks formula (excluding Eco All Risks) and up to €1,000 additional to its replacement value in the Tiers Essentiel + formula.

Loaner vehicle:   if your car breaks down, has an accident, is stolen, or is the victim of attempted theft, MAAF provides you with a loaner vehicle.

The other options for our car insurance 


MAAF helps you find the best auto insurance

When you use a car insurance comparator, you only compare the price without taking into account the guarantees offered, the amount of the deductible… Choosing the best  insurance goes beyond a car rate, it also benefits from ‘better insurance coverage depending on the events,   expertise, advice, and assistance from a professional. 


Make your car insurance quote online and quickly get the first level of information about the price of your car insurance online by simply entering the vehicle you want to insure. You can find your car by entering its license plate or searching by brand and model. You will then need to log in to your customer area, if you are already a MAAF customer, and enter the person driving this vehicle as well as the bonus-malus coefficient.

This car insurance simulation will allow you to have an estimate of the price of your car insurance and to compare our insurance formulas. 


Continue your auto insurance quote by answering a few additional questions and get your tailor-made quote. Adapt your contract to your needs, select your options, adjust your deductible and take out your auto insurance contract online. 


If you wish to change insurance and join MAAF, termination is made easier with the Hamon Law, we take care of everything vis-à-vis your former insurer, whether you subscribe to an agency, by telephone, or on


Are you looking for cheap car insurance?

MAAF offers you a cheap car insurance offer, with Third Party Eco and All Risks Eco car insurance from our car contract. You save up to 15% (2) on average on your insurance. You can also make savings by benefiting from advantages thanks to the various MAAF auto bonuses. In addition, our offers are customizable, you can choose your options, adjust your deductible and pay your monthly insurance premium.

Let’s be responsible together! Thanks to the MAAF Auto Bonuses, we offer you many advantages :


Auto + auto bonus, when you insure 2 vehicles with us.

MAAF lifetime bonus, when your driving shows you are careful.

Bonus kilometer, if you drive less than 8,000 km per year.

MAAF Good Driver Bonus,  if you are a good driver and loyal to MAAF.

Bonus transport subscription, when you use public transport in addition to your car.

Clean vehicle bonus, if you drive a clean vehicle (electric or hybrid).

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