UX UI Designer Jobs: What Does It Mean To Work In UX UI?

UX UI Designer Jobs: When I entered the world of UX / UI design, I had a lot of questions. I did not know what a product design job looked like, and I wondered what roles and organizations to target.

Since I know the confusion and the difficulty, I thought I would share some tips from my personal experience. Later in the article, I will try to help you better understand what a career in user experience characterization and design (UX / UI) roles looks like

UX UI Designer Jobs

What Is A UX UI?

If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that you know what UX UI is. But in case not, let’s define it briefly.

UX / UI design refers to the connection between the technical side and the human side :

  • (UX) User Experience – User experience: what the user goes through in the interface
  • (UI) User Interface: The visibility of the interface (what the user sees and experiences at the end)
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To clarify the importance of a “good UX UI,” let’s take a look at an application we are all familiar with.

On the face of it, there is nothing innovative here. This is a total food ordering app, and we have been using similar apps for years. Still, thanks to a fun and intuitive user experience, Walt has become a product that hundreds of millions of users worldwide have adopted, and the company is worth billions.

Of course, this is not the only factor, but there is no doubt that part of Walt’s success stems from an excellent user experience (UX). In other words, a UX UI can make the difference between a product worth billions and a product that no one wants to use.


So What Does UX / UI Work Really Look Like

In some organizations, the role of UX Designer UI is also called Product Designer, or Product Designer. So what exactly are the responsibilities of a UX UI designer jobs? There is no unequivocal answer, and the truth is that it is very much influenced by the type of organization you will work for. And also, from the fact that it is a new profession that is evolving and changing rapidly.

Still, I will share my personal experience as a product designer with you. This is what it looks like in different types of organizations:


  1. UX UI Design In A Large “Product Company

The first organization you can work for is a product company. This refers to a large and established high-tech company developing a digital product (or several products under the same name). This is what is called – “high-tech proper.” If you were promised a dream of “working in UX / UI,” probably refer to organizations of this type. Good conditions, high salaries, ice cream refrigerator, gym in the office… You can find all of these in organizations of this type.


What Are The Benefits Of Working In A Product Company?

In addition to the benefits I mentioned, a product company maintains orderly work processes. In organizations of this type, you will know what is happening at each point of the process and who is responsible for what. There is a clear division of tasks between different designers. It is generally easier to know which tasks you will work on.

Beyond that, you will probably be working on a small part of the system comprehensively and thoroughly. That is, you will go through all the steps required to do UX “according to the book” (if there is such a thing)


What Are The Disadvantages Of Working In A Product Company?

The significant disadvantage of a product company is that processes are structured and less dynamic. It’s not easy to change things when it comes to a large organization – you’re a small screw in a very well-oiled system, and it’s a little harder to change things or start new initiatives. Besides, you do not get to try all kinds of new products and applications.

Beyond that, because you will focus on such deep and lengthy processes, you will probably experience one thing over time and be less diverse and less likely to experience new things.

* Please note that it is not easy to get the first job in a product company (not just for designers) because they usually look for people with experience, not juniors. Therefore, there is a good chance that you will start working in one of the following organizations that I will present later in the article. And it is very legitimate because every organization has pros and cons.


  1. UX UI Design In A Small Startup

Another organization you can work for is a startup. The term “startup” refers to a young UX development agency in its early stages of operation. It is an organization established quickly to develop a unique product, usually in the high-tech field. Such companies will often start from small employees and try to increase. As a result, working in organizations of this type is very dynamic.


What Are The Benefits Of Working At A Startup? 

First of all, in many cases, you will be individual designers, and you will have a significant impact on the organization. Everything you say and everything you decide will determine the way forward for those who come after you. You are the ones who will lead other designers and employees who will join at a later stage of the company. This means that you can dictate the visibility of the system, the functionality, the work methodology – it will all start with you. You are the designers.


So What Are The Disadvantages Of Working With A Startup?

The thing is that just as it is an advantage, it is also a disadvantage. Since you are individual designers, you will not have anyone to consult with. You will not always have someone to learn from, and you will have to develop yourself independently. Worse, you are the ones who will represent the designers alone in front of other departments. This means that part of your job will also include organizational politics and require quite a bit of teamwork.


By the way, my first job (as a student) was with the character of a small startup. When I was offered to stay there, I decided to move to a place with many designers to learn from other people, get inspired, and develop before I take it upon myself.

And that leads me to another organization you can work for – a project company.


  1. UX UI Design In A Project Company

A project company is a great place to start your career. Unlike startups and product companies, a project company does not develop a product or service for itself but for external customers. This means that the work there is more diverse and varies according to each client or project.

What are the benefits of a project company?

As new designers, you will probably experience all kinds of work styles. You will meet users with different needs and experience many types of characteristics. All of this will help you develop professionally and understand why you are most connected.


What Are The Disadvantages Of A Project Company?

First of all, there is no User Testing. I mean, you will not always get feedback on what you did (is it a good characterization or a bad one?). Another disadvantage is that you will not always do a process “like in a book,” and sometimes there will be no choice but to skip steps in the process. Why? Because you have to please the customer, and you are under time pressure, and in reality, sometimes there is no choice but to round some corners.

And all this without mentioning that there are jobs that are “UX only” or “UI only,” and all sorts of other weird job descriptions that don’t quite fit the role of a product designer.


How To Find Out If This Is An Organization That Suits Me?

When you come to a job interview, take a tip from me – just as they test you, so do you test them. Ask questions; it’s really legitimate and even worthwhile. Here is a shortlist of questions that can help you understand the degree of compatibility between you and the employer:


How do you see the role of UX UI / product designer in your company?

How do you work on a system? In what methodologies?

What is your work process?

How many designers are there in the company?

What do you do more: UX or UI?

The answers you will receive will help create coordination of expectations between you and the employer and prevent unnecessary leaks.


Summary And Conclusions

So, where to send a resume? The answer is for everyone.

As in other high-tech fields, it is not easy to find the first UX UI Designer Jobs. Send to all types of organizations, and any point you start from will be the best point.

Apparent background noise, ignore any competition or what people are saying. Do not ask yourself questions like “Where is better?” Or “Where is less good?” – First of all, try to start your career, and from there, the road will be much easier.

Remember that you are navigating your own career. Even if it’s not exactly the dream job, and even if it’s not exactly what you expected. Take it to your place, push your principles and needs forward, and it’s really not an impossible task. Successfully


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