Caring for the Double Yellow Headed Amazon

A double-headed yellow Amazon is a bird with athletic abilities who like to climb within its area and is also a flier in the event of enough space. It’s a tough bird that is destructive. Therefore, cage materials must be made of sturdy steel. Make sure your bird has the largest cage that is practical and put in toys. As a minimum, the cage should be three feet in size with an exercise area on the top. Set up the cage with perches of various sizes.

Be sure to provide this animal with toys that can be fun to dismantle

, such as objects made of leather, wood, or acrylic. Birds With Orange Beaks A toy that is destroyed means the success of a bird, and it’s satisfying for them. With not enough toys to smash the bird could take a liking to furniture and other objects. A variety of challenging toys is essential for the bird. A bored, double-yellow-headed Amazon can quickly turn into an aggressive one.

All Amazon parrots are social animals, and they require it to stay healthy and content. The birds that are neglected can be violent as well as depressed and depressed, which manifests as emotional and physical issues. 2 To create and maintain healthy relationships You must make some time in the day for one-on-one interactions. A double-headed Amazon is able to learn numerous words and phrases. It is well-known for its ability to learn songs, particularly opera.Allow your parrots to shower or bathe in a birdbath for at least once a week to ensure the health of their feathers and skin. 3

Common Health Problems

Amazon birds generally live long, healthy birds, however, they are susceptible to several illnesses: 4Polyomavirus, a virus that can lead to anorexia and weight lossChlamydiosis is a bacterial infection that manifests as feathers with fluffed flutters and nasal discharge efficiencies in nutrition (vitamin A) or overweight; a well-balanced diet and consistent exercise will keep it in the check.

Diet and nutrition

Amazon parrots consume a wide range of nuts, seeds fruit, berries, and plants when they are in nature. In captivity the double yellow-headed parrot requires an excellent pelleted diet, that is supplemented by seed mix as well as daily servings of safe for birds, fresh fruit and veggies. A diverse diet will to ensure your pet receives the right balance of nutrition.

Feed your bird approximately 1/4 cup pelleted foods and 1 cup fresh fruits and veggies every day. A varied and raw diet will ensure that your pet is getting high nutrition.Be sure that the bird gets a diet rich in vitamin A. This bird is susceptible to deficiencies.   Fish With Big Forehead  Calcium is also essential in the case of the yellow-headed double Amazon Parrot. 5


Amazon parrots are susceptible to weight gain excessively which is why they should be given daily exercise. 5 To properly take care of a two Yellow-headed Amazon parrot, you must be able to offer it at least 3-4 hours of unsupervised time outside the cage every day. Similar to any other species regular exercise can allow birds to shed off excess fat and strengthen its muscles. it also offers vital mental stimulation.

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