Recommended Security Cameras: Tips And Important Information For Choosing A Camera

Recommended Security Cameras: It is true to say that installing security cameras is a great way to prevent crimes in your home. Still, one of the most significant factors contributing to capabilities is where they are located. Location plays an important role in the success of security devices, so you need to be careful in choosing where to place them. So if you are facing camera installation, the following article will help you understand where to place security cameras in a home installation. This article will summarize what security cameras are recommended, the suggested locations for installing security cameras, how to choose a place for the recording system, and other tips that you will only get from professionals!


Which Security Cameras Are Recommended?

Usually, when asked which security cameras are recommended, we recommend brands like Hikvision, Dahua, and sometimes even Provision. The main reason for this is the many years of experience with the above companies. Over the years, we have installed thousands of systems from these manufacturers. They have proven durability reliability at an affordable and fair price for the end customer. This puts you in an awkward position. No one can assure you that. Cannot hack your camera system! However, companies


like HIKVISION and DAHUA work hard to develop software patches and patches with an emphasis on information security and protection against cyber threats, and not enough. The cameras of these companies have a very high quality of viewing and recording, and a stock of spare parts is always available with us. Installing cameras is not a trivial matter, so we want to install as much quality equipment as possible on a given budget.


Where To Place And Install Security Cameras? Entrance And Exit Doors

Recommended Security Cameras

Entrance and exit doors are the most important places to install security cameras. 

You will get the best observation points for watching and recording useful material from your monitoring systems in these places. You may use recorded material for identification purposes, which improves the chances that the police will find and arrest suspects who match the video recorded. You may also want to consider putting security cameras outside your home or business, where the entrances and exits are located! When you own a security camera outside your home or business, criminals will think twice before they even try to break in. It can also prevent potential vandals from damaging your property.



When installing security cameras in the hallway, consider the lighting condition. Poor lighting can cause a change in the quality of the recorded material, and the person will be dark and unrecognizable. Instead of a clear picture of him, you will see a dark outline. Another factor is the type of security camera lenses you own. Some lenses are designed for a wide observatory, some for a narrow observatory, and some have a variable lens.


Valuable property

It is also a smart move to consider installing security cameras in areas or locations in your home where you keep your valuable property. Hidden security cameras are ideal for monitoring these areas inconspicuously. Because they are invisible, they do not imply the place where you keep your valuables. Make sure that you define them so that they can easily identify facial features in the event of an attempted burglary.


Where To Place The Recording System – DVR / NVR?

It will also be important to consider how interested you are in managing and reviewing the recorded material. Suppose you decide to install wired security cameras. In that case, you will want to inquire about digital video recorders (Digital Video Recorders – DVRs for IP cameras. We will use NVR – Network Video Recorder). The DVR needs a direct connection to every one of the cameras. Therefore, it is critical to know exactly where everything will be located. However, if you are interested in installing a wireless

You will want to explore network video recorders (NVRs) IP security camera network. The NVR connects to the network of IP cameras wirelessly. Although the IP cameras process the images themselves, the NVR adds more hard disk storage so you can keep more recorded material.


How To Choose Security Cameras?

Modern surveillance cameras often come with advancements in technology. Their services cover everything from traffic recording or burglary to discovering a missing object, a thermal image, etc. But, not every camera comes with the same options, so make sure that you research the length and breadth of your options. You will also want to know the different types of security cameras. This way, you will better understand the specific goals of each type.


You can read about the difference between dome cameras and a tube in the article here. There are also wired and wireless security camera systems that you have to choose from. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Although wireless recording systems are quite popular today, reliable and better wired recording systems are in practice. Whatever you choose, the final factor you need to determine is how much hard disk storage you will need. The storage needs of the video vary from person to person, and they depend on their regularity. For example, some monitoring systems have been installed to record 24/7. Others have been known to record only when they pick up motion. These two systems will have completely different storage needs. Other factors include the size of the resolution and the image quality you prefer.


If you would like help finding the best security cameras to install in your home or business, contact an employee of our sales team. Fiber provides a wide range of security cameras and Internet recording and monitoring systems. We are proud of the support we provide our clients with professional and reliable help and advice to find the right product to bring solutions and fulfill clients’ needs. So it does not matter if you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned user looking for a specific product. The team of fibers is here to help. Each of our products will be competitively budgeted. They come with a great warranty, come free technical support, and can be viewed at any time with the help of our app.


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