Mobile Screen Recording With Help Of Best Apps

There are times when we need to record our mobile screen. Because? For multiple reasons, either to show someone how an application works or simply because we want to create gameplay for YouTube.



The reasons are manifold, so our mobile screen recording is presented as a perfect solution for all of these things. You are probably wondering if you need to root or some other modification to do this, and what we will tell you is that no, you will not have to go through this process.

Mobile Screen

How To Record Screen Video On Android

In recent years, companies have seen the importance of mobile screen recordings. They have moved to introduce this type of feature natively. Google has done this with Android and Apple with iOS, as we’ll see in the next section of the guide.


As for Android, this isn’t an available feature on a base, but manufacturers need to enable it on their devices, and not all brands are open to doing this, at least for now.


It is essential that before moving on to installing a third-party application, you find out if your mobile phone allows you to record the mobile screen natively or not, as this could save you a lot of work.


  1. How To Record A Video With Your Mobile With YouTube Gaming

We said before that one of the main goals of video capture is to render the gameplay because it is now in fashion and something we like. That can help us succeed as YouTubers (good luck!).


For this reason, we started recommending this application which is also available on iOS (so we won’t talk about it later to avoid repeating it). Its feature focuses on on-screen recordings during playback, so it’s not very flexible in that respect. Still, it’s convenient if we’re interested in playing games and quickly posting videos to YouTube.


There is an alternative to this application in another application called Game Screen Recorder. Still, it is far from efficient, so you can leave it for situations of extreme urgency where for some reason, YouTube Gaming does not work well.


  1. How To Capture A Video On Your Android Screen With Mobizen

Its creators claim that their community is already made up of 90 million people who mobile screen recorders apps. Perhaps these figures are a bit exaggerated, but they indeed tend to be at the top of recommendations, so it will be for a reason.


It’s free, but the operation has some inconsistencies that will make mobile screen recordings take more engagement time than necessary for everything to be perfect and without a watermark.


But if you wonder if it’s possible to get a good 1080p video without watermark, at 60 fps, and with direct microSD storage for free, let’s say yes, it is possible. Also, it combines with Facecam to record ourselves and get connected with video, which gives YouTubers more versatility.


  1. How To Make A Screen Recording With Screen Recorder app: Best Android Screen Recorder

The significant advantage of this application is that it has positioned itself as a market leader and is used by large companies in a mixed way (come on, it’s not something its creators invented when they say it).


News agencies and news media like CNET or Yahoo News have used and recommended it. This is worth a lot when it comes to giving us a chance to understand that it is worth it. Its creators define it as “the best application to record mobile screen” and that it is difficult to counter. Still, we have to attest to its quality. It has no advertising, no watermark, and has a simplified operation for anyone to make recordings.


It supports qHD and FullHD video output but differs from many other applications that offer this service. It provides a sound system with no pause and reclosure skips.


The idea of the creators of this tool is that your application is as versatile as some of the most advanced programs available on PCs. That’s why it offers a good editor, sound capture directly from the microphone for superior quality, and a sound system for optimizing results.


How the screen is recorded on the iPhone


And then there is Apple’s smartphone, the one that makes users tremble when it comes to see if it offers certain functions. There’s nothing to worry about, though, as iOS itself has provided the ability to record mobile screenshots for several updates.


Totally clean, free, no fuss, no downloads, no nothing. The mobile provides this feature integrated, and we don’t have to complicate ourselves. What do you want to know how to do? Well, it’s that easy:


  • We go into Adjustments, we go to the always welcome Control Center and give it the customization controls.


  • We will have to add the symbol of + the option to record the screen.


  • We have now sent the function to the menu, and all you have to do is remove the lower tools menu, which opens by sliding your finger up at the bottom of the screen. In that menu, you will see many icons, such as the activation of the flashlight that you have undoubtedly used on more than one occasion. Below the flashlight is the hero that you will need to click to start recording the mobile screen.


  • When you do this, you will see a 3 second counter, which will take time to start.


  • Before you start recording, what you can do is press and hold the button. This gives you a small menu where you are informed of the mobile screen and choose whether you want the microphone sound to be on or off. This will be very useful if you’re recording tutorials or doing gameplay.


How To Record iPhone Screen Video

Of course, some iOS apps offer the same feature. Still, the native iOS tool works at such a good level that we can’t think of any reason to recommend any of them (especially since we’ve tested the improvements in theory, and they all have flaws. or deficiencies).

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