Marketing Strategies: How to Get More Customers Through Instagram

There is no denying that Instagram is a perfect social platform for launching, introducing, building, and growing your business online. A Deloitte report highlighted that customers who are influenced by special media networks are likely to spend more money on items than those who are not that much socially active. If you are marketing strategies your product and services to 100k users, and let’s suppose that only 30k of these users have converted into your consumer, it would mean that you have got a lot of long-term buyers. It is likely that at least 10k/15k out of 30k consumers will come back to you to purchase your products again, provided that you are offering the best quality of items along with friendly customer services.

According to a survey, almost one billion Instagram users follow some sort of business account to make online purchases. With this massive number of users wanting to purchase items, you have an extensive marketplace of buyers at your disposal. All you have to do is find out the best way to make the best of social networks and the marketplace. There are free of cost-effective marketing strategies that you can utilize to reach your target customer base and audience. 

Let’s go through some well-known ways to get more customers through Instagram with effective marketing strategies.


Optimize Profile:

The first important thing to do is to optimize your Instagram profile. Put yourself in customers’ shoes and ask yourself if you will ever buy a pair of sneakers from a seller who owns an individual personal account on Instagram? The answer is no, right? Even if you decide to purchase that pair of sneakers from him, you will still have doubts about whether the shoes are torn, second hand and not original, or what if the seller is nothing but a big scam using the network to get money from people. In other words, you cannot trust just any other person selling anything online through their personal profile, it could be anyone behind that profile, and you have no way to confirm their identity. For this reason, you must have a business Instagram account to build your brand awareness on Instagram or any other social network.

Marketing Strategies

You need to optimize your Instagram profile on a priority basis. When we talk of optimization, it usually means that you need to upload a nice logo presenting your brand, one URL directing to your business website, the address of your physical business location, phone number, and, more importantly, a toll-free customer service number. 


If you don’t have a business profile on Instagram, you can switch your personal account to a business account within seconds. It will take just a few seconds to create a business profile and set it up to start the promotion of your products and services. 


Attention-Grabbing Content and ads

It is natural not to have followers on your new business account because you have just started it. Gaining many followers would be somewhat challenging for you in the beginning. Still, once you have a couple of thousand followers, you will be able to come up with some advanced marketing strategies to get more customers. 


It is not wise to invest in paid marketing strategies at the starting phase of your business because you have not done any research work on your audience, targeted market, and demographical data. Before you get your head into paid marketing strategies, you need to build your brand awareness yourself by using free promotional methods. I have mentioned a few steps that you can possibly take to grow your business account to get organic followers.

1: Create impressive and attention-grabbing Content by using a call of action button just once in a while.

2: Do some research on how to schedule your posts for the day and refrain from doing content bombardment on your wall. Overdoing marketing will kill the brand’s credibility; you need to focus on posting quality content only, even if it comprises two lines only. In many surveys, the social marketers recommend using short-length captions rather than a lot of sentences and worldly paragraphs; it is simply because most people don’t have enough time to read through all the text under or on the post.

3: Use the most relevant hashtags with your Content. They work like keywords in the Content and optimize the post nicely for search engine and Instagram search results. Almost all Instagram content marketing managers advise using hashtags for the presentation of Content. 


Chatbots and automatic replies

Engage with your followers and talk to them. Almost all renowned brands have this policy of offering free customer service through chat because it builds a trustworthy relationship. When there is free customer service for the customer to use, he knows that he can talk about the items and discuss his matters. In addition, he can also get any matter or concerns resolved directly with the brand rather than waiting for the brand to contact him after the complaint is lodged. 

  At the start, your customers may have many questions about the products and services you are offering. Make sure to hire a chat operation to address all the queries that your buyers-to-be might have. You can also use a chatbox for noting down the messages that people are writing to you. These chatbots work on AI; they try to answer the customers’ queries by showing them all possible answers. The customers also can submit their queries just in case they are not satisfied with the answers shown by your chatbot. This way, you get an email that states the nature of the question, and it comes with all the details of the customers, such as their names, email, and phone number of the customers.


Chatbots can also send new promotional Content through chat boxes to the potential customers who follow your profile. They are an excellent one-to-one marketing strategy for large scaled business enterprises.


Instagram Tool

Instagram offers a free marketing tool just like Facebook to its members so they can analyze different factors while making a new content marketing strategy. One such tool is an Instagram demographic chart that shows all the details and data of the followers or customers to the business account holder.

If you set up a test marketing strategy for any product, you would be able to notice that the demographic tool will give a comprehensive view of the age, gender, and location of the customers who have viewed your profile so far.

A bit of research and analysis can be done quickly by measuring the number of sales you have generated in a specific time period. You got 1000 sales at 5:00 pm on a particular day; you need to read the demographic chart to find out the age, gender, and location of all those customers who visited your page between 4 to 5 pm. Through this strategy, you would be able to develop more effective marketing ideas. You can post promotional Content for a specific period in the evening to generate more sales. 

You can also use the demographic tool for making a brief report of your customers. After a few tests and trials, you will know what type of audience you need to target in your promotional activities. Let’s say that you are selling some personalized yoga mats on your profile and you have already set up a marketing campaign. Once it is over, the demographic tool will show you a clear picture of who your customers are, their age, and what time of the day they love to make online purchases.

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