Mac Tips That Every User Must Know

How to switch to Dark Mode How will you work on two programs simultaneously? How do you add hand gestures and work with a scaled-down YouTube player next to your document? Get Mac tips that every simple user must know.

May has arrived, and with it, the annual sale of the digital network on Apple’s Macs, also known as “Mac Month,” is already beginning to become a tradition there. During May, the company offers a variety of promotions such as up to 25% discount on the previous series and up to 15% discount on new models, the option of leasing on Apple’s high-quality, fast and mighty Macs for a monthly fee of only NIS 149. For the occasion, we turned to experts, the experts at Idigital’s Knowledge Center (who provide a variety of tutorials on Apple products), and asked them for some valuable Mac tips and tools that will make any beginning Mac user an expert. Below are the best Mac tips. You can follow up and get more knowledge about Mac.

Mac Tips

1-Dark Mode – How Do You Switch To Dark Mode On Your Mac?

Dark Mode or Dark Mode is another Mac color scheme developed to help you concentrate on work. Once you activate the mode, the desktop, tight menu lines, and built-in applications – all of these will switch to a dark color scheme. Here’s how to do it: Before you begin, make sure your Mac has the macOS Mojave operating system installed. Now open the System Preferences by clicking on it in the Dock. You can get to System Preferences by clicking on the Apple logo in the top right corner and selecting General. Next to Appearance, you will see two options. Light or dark. Select ‘Dark,’ and you will see that the desktop, Dock, Top menu, and windows will change their Appearance to ‘Dark Mode.’

The change happens across the entire system, from the Finder, through the built-in apps like Photos, in the email, with white text and too dark a background to make it easier for your poor when working in a dark environment. You can also see the dark state in the calendar, maps, and other apps. Want to go back? Whenever you want, you can return the display to brightness through System Preferences, and that’s it! One-click and you can completely change the look of your Mac and concentrate on what you want.


2-Stacks – Organize Your Desktop Files Into Batches Automatically

Organize your desktop files in organized gatherings automatically. Stacking allows you to organize your desktop files into organized conferences automatically. Beginning with macOS Mojave, you can utilize Stacks orchestrate and manage your desktop in a pile of files isolated by classification. Here is an illustration of a cluttered desktop:

By utilizing this component, your desktop will constantly look great:


Actuate the stacks. Right-click Magic Mouse or twofold tap the trackpad anyplace on the desktop. Select Use Stacks. Presently each record is essential for a specific stack, aside from individual files on your desktop. Envelopes will ordinarily show up beneath the piles.

Get a brief glance at files by looking through a stack – To open or close a stack, click on it once. When the pile is open, the files will show up on the desktop, and the stack symbol becomes like an envelope with a bolt. Even without opening the stack, you can see the files – stand with the mouse cursor on the envelope and swipe right or left. You will see the record names change as you slide over the stack. Whenever you observe the document, you are searching for,


3-Hand Gestures On Mac

Go to System Settings> TouchPad or Mouse. Go to the ‘More Gestures’ tab. Here you can see and define what action each gesture will take. Define and change the motions according to your usage to improve your workflow.


4-Picture Within The Picture (Youtube)

 Tired of going back and forth while watching a guide or movie? Well, it turns out that you can take the YouTube screen out of the browser and drag it anywhere you want on the net. How do you do that? Just right-click (twice) on a YouTube movie and select the option (Picture in Picture).



Quickly transfer files to nearby Apple devices (Mac to iPhone, iPad to iPhone, etc.) even without a network connection. The files will move swiftly and without shrinking or resizing. So, how does it work? Well, click Go (or Go)> AirDrop. Or select AirDrop from the side menu in your Finder window. The AirDrop window shows the AirDrop clients in your space. Basically, drag at least one record to the beneficiary in the open window.

Note, characterize who can find you – nobody, simply contacts or everybody. You can likewise utilize the offer choice. Open the record you need to send, and click the Share button. The sharing menu offers a few sharing decisions. Select AirDrop. Select a beneficiary from the rundown. After they get the document, click ‘Finish.’ When somebody needs to send you a record utilizing AirDrop, you can pick whether to acknowledge it or reject the solicitation. The alarm will appear in the AirDrop window or as a ready sheet. Airdrop Party-How much fun it is to send on the double. Share many individuals.


6-Work With A Split-Screen – How You Can Work With A Split Screen And Enjoy Several Actions On One Screen


Admirers of performing multiple tasks? Indeed, this is the way you can enable the split-screen feature:

  1. Press and hold the button on the upper left of any window.
  2. While holding the button, the window will show the psychologist, and you can drag it to the right or left half of your screen.

Presently release the button and select another window from the windows displayed to you to start working on two windows – one next to the other.

To swap the positions of the two windows, simply hold the window toolbar and drag it to the opposite side. On the off chance that you want one of the applications to take up a more significant portion of the screen, hang tight, separating the two windows, and move as required.

We should pay thanks to Mac Tips because it is helpful.

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