Laboratory Automation And Robotics: Way To Improve Research And Development Processes

Adherence to budget and schedules, increasing efficiency, and even preventing human error: Laboratory Automation And Robotics are advanced technological tools that have changed working methods and ensure new and improved processes


Laboratory automation and robotics enable the utilization of advanced technologies to improve processes, accelerate and streamline research, and provide significant assistance in research and development. This, while saving time and money and the possibility of meeting schedules and budgets and even preventing human errors that are often caused by burnout due to performing the same operation repeatedly. The advanced systems and robots that perform monotonous functions ensure progress in the processes and focus on the essential work in the laboratory. How much has the field evolved, and how does it affect lab work? The experts respond to this.

Laboratory Automation And Robotics:


“The world of laboratories is known for its conservatism, but today more than ever, it seems that laboratories dealing with water, fertilizers, sewage, sewage, and more are moving forward and adapting work that combines laboratory automation and robotics,” says Danny Shachar, a chemist by training In Israel. “The adoption and implementation of automation and robotics systems in laboratories is intended, among other things, to transform monotonous processes that are done manually into those that will be done in an automated process, be more efficient, improve performance and inevitably be much more accurate.” Time to handle other processes such as quality development and research based on a broad and accurate database. ”


Bioanalytics is an innovative company that provides laboratories with quality equipment and calibration services. The company is a calibration laboratory with an international certification for calibration according to the ISO17025 standard. It was established about a decade ago. Today, it is one of the few companies in Israel that provides advanced equipment for laboratories. It performs temperature calibration, pipetting calibration, and laboratory equipment through the company’s employees spread throughout the country who provide support and service to the customer’s laboratories or laboratories. Among the company’s customers are most hospitals in the country, the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industries, the food industry, the biotech industry, and more. The company also works with various laboratories in many academic institutions in the country.


Courtesy of Bioanalytics

According to Danny, the idea that guides Bioanalytics is to provide solutions for chemistry laboratories, sewage, water, etc., in which part of the work relies on abrasive manual work that harms workers, who have to repeat daily, over and over again, operations such as measurement, rinsing, repetition, calibration And God forbid, which often leads to human errors. “A machine will perform these operations. The operator will enter dozens and hundreds of samples, enter the data and be available for the rest of the work in the laboratory. After a relatively short time, he will be able to produce the test results with maximum efficiency and accuracy,” Danny continues. “The systems we provide have measures of the apartments and accuracy that can not be reached by hand, for example, the TOC system ( Total Organic Carbon ) system and the TN system ( Total Nitrogen ). For measurements of protein and carbon, usually in solids, which without an automatic system is difficult to impossible to perform. ”


Laboratory automation and robotics systems that Bioanalytics imports and supplies are from the Dutch company SKLAR, which is considered a world leader in its field, including BOD robot, robot for measuring TOC, robot for measuring PH and conductivity, and more. All systems are designed and built customized to the customer’s needs. You can add, modify, or upgrade the system’s capabilities to achieve optimal solutions on an existing platform or off-the-shelf product. According to Danny, laboratories that have implemented automation and robotics systems report improved results and a significant increase in output. In addition, these systems also interface with laboratory management systems ( LIMS ).


As part of the company’s vision and connection to technological innovation, Bioanalytics has developed an innovative, patented robotic system that automatically performs the calibration of pipettes. “This is a groundbreaking system that addresses one of the great difficulties of laboratories that have faced a problem that was considered unsolvable. We have been able to take the human factor out of the equation and raise the level of accuracy to the highest in the world. Provides, guides the employees and also as a company that develops its own sophisticated and advanced systems, “concludes Danny.

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