Keystroke POS: Advantages of Integrating Keystroke POS with your Online Store

Keystroke POS is a retail management system that helps sellers streamline transaction entry and keep a real-time database for quick lookups. This efficient and scalable POS system is a top choice for retailers, wholesalers, and even service businesses. 


But what if you want to explore the digital space and sell on various e-commerce platforms? 


Here, you have two choices: to handle web orders manually or use technology to automate that process. 


When you do it on your own, every order that flows in has to be manually added to your POS.This is neither time-savvy nor error-proof. As your business grows, you won’t be able to catch up on all orders, leading to overselling and dissatisfied customers. 

Keystroke POS

Your Keystroke POS will need a channel that bridges the gap between your POS and your online store. 


And that’s what POS ecommerce integration plugins are all about.


Let’s understand the various advantages that underlie the integration of Keystroke POS with your e-commerce store.


  • Omnichannel Commerce


According to Harvard Business Review, customers spend more money on every additional channel they use. For instance, if a buyer spends 4% in-store, they are more likely to shop at least 10% more online. 


So, if you plan to set up your online store, this is the right time. You can create a digital presence and reach so many people that might have never gotten a chance to visit your physical store. 


When you opt for a POS integration system, you get to automate your selling channel. 


This way, you can sell on various e-commerce websites like Amazon. eBay, Walmart, and many others, along with your retail shop.


  • Simplify Product Management 


When you integrate your POS with your online store, any changes made on either of the platforms are recorded automatically. 


So, you can see your in-store and online inventory as a single unified system. The integration will offer you near real-time inventory status, which is extremely important to avoid overselling. 


As retailers, you get to save a lot of your time that would have been otherwise wasted on manually handling orders and updating inventory. 

  • Sell Through Buy Online – Pickup In-store (BOPIS)


A report published by Business Insider estimates that US shoppers have spent over $83.47 billion via BOPIS in 2021. This accounts for 9.9% of the total e-commerce sales. 

The click – &- collect market became extremely popular during the pandemic, and now buyers prefer in-store pickups rather than waiting for days to get the item delivered. 


Plus, the BOPIS model saves retailers and buyers extra costs spend on shipping. The sellers can now call for bulk orders and give them directly to the customers.


Refunds and exchanges are also quite prompt when you opt for in-store pick-up. 


Final Thoughts


Integrating POS with your online store gives retailers the freedom, flexibility, and scalability to get on various e-commerce channels without manually handling any of them. 


When you sell online, you become visible and relevant in the industry. The pandemic has changed the fundamental concept of selling, and people have now begun to buy differently and think differently. 


If you are looking for a POS with the said features, Octopus Bridge can be your ideal POS partner.


The Octopus Bridge is a cloud-based middleware that allows retailers to sell on various e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google, etc. It helps automate product management and keep your POS and online stores in sync.

Level up your online game today with Octopus Bridge POS ecommerce integration software.

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