Fintech Jobs: Good Reasons To Join A Fintech Start-Up

With all this fuss around cryptocurrency, the Fintech community has never been so much in the spotlight. Fintech companies are tackling a market that is more than 500 years old until recently protected from digital disruption by complex regulation. Today, this sector is showing record growth, and fintech jobs opportunities multiply and diversify a little more each year.

Fintech Jobs

Benjamin Netter is CTO at Lendix, the leading platform for loans to VSEs and SMEs open to private and professional investors. He helped us list the seven good reasons to join a Fintech team.


Participate In High-Stakes Projects For Fintech Jobs

The particularity of Fintech companies is that, by their nature, they manage large sums of money. For information, 100 euros invested in bitcoin eight years ago now bring around 250 million euros. Something to make you dizzy. Therefore, the stakes are particularly sensitive, and the quality of the service or product offered must be up to par.


“Because large amounts are at stake, we have no room for error and the job must be done to perfection. We are very conscientious about the realization of the product, using complex technologies to obtain the most reliable and simple result possible. The security of our customers’ information is also very important,” says Benjamin.


Have Autonomy Daily In Fintech Jobs

Developing in Agile mode (making many round trips with the client throughout the project to best meet their needs) requires many hours of meetings that can affect the company’s productivity. The Fintech market is moving fast, and managers prefer to choose solutions that favor the autonomy of their technical teams while maximizing internal collaboration to ensure competitive productivity.


“Our team works in agile mode without constraining its developers. We have a one-hour meeting on Monday morning to talk about the past week and the week ahead, but the rest of the communication is mostly done on Slack. We do not want to be on the backs of our employees and leave them a freedom which, in my opinion, is fundamental to performance. »


Evolve In A Promising Market

The 2007 crisis substantially impacted consumer confidence in traditional financial institutions. Fintech jobs offer a credible alternative that bypasses historical systems: customers now define their needs rather than banks. Fintech has given a new lease of life to the financial industry, which was beginning to take dust, thanks to the digitization of its services. This market represented 22 billion investment in 2016 and still has a bright future because it is far from a fad. It is instead a real revolution.


“Our offer is not necessarily cheaper than the banks, what we offer is ease of use: shorten deadlines, reduce paperwork and improve customer relations. User experience is key with us and we strive to ensure that the technical solution is up to the task. »


Be Part Of An International Ecosystem

To maintain good competitiveness and ever more significant growth, start-ups in the sector often choose to deploy quickly internationally.


“Our company is only three years old, and we are already present in Madrid and Milan to be able to address the whole European market. Although our team is predominantly French at the Paris headquarters, we operate in English. We are developing our service in four languages.


Work With Advanced Technologies

To ensure that the solutions are the most efficient, pleasant to use, and secure possible for the user, Fintech companies must select the best technology available on the market. Technological monitoring is essential, and Open-Source is generally required to constantly improve productions.


“At Lendix, we work in full JavaScript. Front, we do EmberJS and back we do NodeJS with MongoDB. Our service being available on mobile, we code with ReacNative, which is a very recent technology. »


Collaborate With Brilliant People

The Fintech job environment is, due to its strong growth, very competitive, and the quality and the experience of the leaders is fundamental to remain a leader in its sector of activity. Experienced senior profiles are essential to inspire and guide young talents recruited for their dynamism and new ideas.


“Our management team is of a very high standard. These are all “cracks.” There is, for example, Olivier, the founder. He created the fund 123Venture – which today manages more than one billion assets -Patrick – former Partner at Goldman Sachs -, Grégoire – former European director of the BBVA – and Marc, Sergio, Pascal and of course me! (laughs)”


Boost Your Career

Finally, Fintech jobs ensure rapid professional development. Being surrounded by more experienced people responsible for guiding you using some of the most recent technologies allows tech profiles to develop skills that become very valuable for the rest of their careers. Not to mention that the selection is often complicated. Having experience in Fintech can serve as insurance with future recruiters with whom said developers will deal.


“We take the development of our teams’ skills very seriously. We provide them with access to tech conferences each year to stay updated and continue learning. Through a CodeReview system, everyone can read the work and make it progress.


Fintech jobs are by no means profiting from a bubble. It is simply the mutation of an industry, kept obsolete by a specific regulation. Participating in a Fintech adventure guarantees a precious technical and human challenge, from which we necessarily emerge growing.

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