Earn Cryptocurrency: Which games can you play to earn cryptocurrency?

Earn Cryptocurrency: The rise of the gaming industry has been one to talk about, we are looking at an industry that is gunning for a $268 billion expansion come year 2025. This stat alone is enough to understand the growth of the gaming industry. We are looking at rapid and steady expansion. Now let’s turn our attention towards the play to earn cryptocurrency gaming industry. 


What is the Crypto Gaming industry?

Blockchain technology is foraying into multiple sectors from finance to healthcare but perhaps its most revolutionizing venture has been in the gaming industry. From a zero-value market size, the blockchain gaming industry grew to $3 billion in 2021. Furthermore, it is projected to rise to $39.7 billion by 2025. These numbers are amazing for growth of the industry so it is a rising industry with a  lot of potential in it . 

Crypto gaming is a model of a game that rewards the players with digital assets and helps them earn financial benefits as well. It is essentially a play to earn cryptocurrency. This is largely the doing of Blockchain entering the gaming industry. This blockchain technology allows the player complete ownership of digital assets. This perhaps is the biggest advantage and one of the main reasons for attracting major investments in the sector. Many industry experts and subject specialists have openly claimed that: crypto gaming is the future of the gaming industry with major changes bound to happen in around this decade. 

So to sum it all up, we can say that crypto gaming is here for the long run and is not going to get replaced anytime soon. 

Now since we have ample review of the industry, we have a contemporary understanding of the game which obviously is going to help us in assuming the future also. Let’s talk about what game you should play to earn crypto?


What games should you play to earn?

Here are the few most demanding games of play to earn gaming model through which you can earn bunch of bucks.

How about some Spider Tank?

This is an upcoming game which is a free to play, based on play to earn cryptocurrency model running on blockchain. There is loads of action in this game. It is a strategic battle arena game that requires constant upgradation of  skills and fire powers. It also allows you to team up with other members and destroy other tanks. To destroy tanks of higher order you need more skills and better tank bodies. 

Earn Cryptocurrency

The evergreen Plant vs Undead 

This is one game that probably is known by everyone. Also for the fact that it has been part of the gaming universe for quite some time now. Created on a farm mode that keeps you engaged all the while earning light tokens. There is a clever way of making money from the game. All you have to do is keep control of your Non-fungible assets which will help you in earning real money. As of now these light tokens can be exchanged for cryptocurrency via decentralized exchanges DEXs. Players can additionally sell their plants in the marketplace as NFTs and earn PVU tokens as well. 


Gods Unchained

Coming form the same minds which brought you: Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution known as Immutable X, consequently which means that the entire thing runs on ethereum a platform that allows 9000 transactions per second for peer to peer exchange of decentralized apps. 

This was just a brief introduction. Now to the actual game it actually does have its own cryptocurrency called the GODS token. It is a card game where players battle each other with their cards, collect cards or exchange them.


Axie Ifinity 

No list can be complete without mentioning the Axie Infinity. It is a very familiar name in the Play-to-earn gaming industry. Consisting of two modes Battle and Adventure players can choose the preferred mode as they please. Their in-game currency is SLP and in addition to that this currency can be converted into cash also. Hence fulfilling the play to earn model. It also allows you to create your own characters. 


The lands of Decentraland

So this is another famous 3D virtual reality platform operating in the Ethereum blockchain. Like the aforementioned platform Decentraland allows you to create your own characters, buy your own lands. Players are allowed many pleasures that they can either earn or enjoy by spending the in-game currency the Mana-coin. They can also visit the marketplace and make do with NFTs as well. 


The Sandbox

The sandbox has enjoyed much hype and is considered to be the game changer by many and is considered as the standard in the world of 3D augmented reality. Speaking of the graphics and interface, The Sandbox’s players will choose their own ways of monetizing content while reminiscing a classic experience of Minecraft where scenery and items are in block forms. The best ways to Play to Earn in The Sandbox are to trade lands and objects and complete in-game tasks.


The play to earn game is the trend to catch, we are talking about a trend that has turned the entire industry. This singular trend has been responsible for putting in millions of dollars as investments on upcoming games. Another upcoming play to earn game that will be released shortly is The Cloud CIty Metaverse which is set in the dystopian future, there is not much to go on with this project as of now but judging from their gameplay release and their trailers it looks quite promising.


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