Car Insurance: Why Is Car Insurance Assistance Coverage Essential?

Car Insurance: Regarding insurance, many motorists give little or no importance to car assistance. It is only at the time of a breakdown on French roads or abroad that they wonder if they have taken out this guarantee and, if so, what it covers and its limits. On the eve of the holidays, there is still time to check the content of your contract in this area and, if necessary, to have it revised.


Zero Kilometer Assistance Is A Very Advantageous Option

Assistance is generally an optional benefit of car insurance, and the extent of protection can vary significantly from one company to another. Professionals recommend the 0 km mileage allowance. Indeed, most contracts begin 50 km from the insured’s home, which means that he is rescued free of charge if a breakdown occurs beyond this distance. But by choosing “0 km”, the pick-up begins in front of his house.

For a fixed cost of between 20 euros and 40 euros per year, the motorist realizes substantial savings if something goes wrong, since the price for repairs on the motorway varies from 124.83 euros to 154.36 euros depending on the weight of the car with a 50% increase on evenings, weekends and public holidays. Better, for 60 euros to 80 euros annually, the supply of a replacement car is included. Failing this, the compensation is either fixed or at actual costs, but this option is often less attractive.

Car Insurance

Support For People In The Event Of A Breakdown Or Accident

Depending on the seriousness of the situation, the time needed for repairs, the distance, and the client’s requirements, the insurance company can offer him accommodation on site, but with a time limit (between two and five nights) and an amount capped at 50 euros to 80 euros per person (the insured, his spouse and children or all passengers, regardless of their status).

Alternatively, suppose repair is not possible within a short period. In that case, it organizes the repatriation of the beneficiaries by one of the means of transport available or ensures the continuity of their journey.

If necessary, the insurance also covers treatment and hospitalization costs abroad. Compared to conventional signs, mutuals can offer support for up to ten times greater.


Benefit From The Assistance Of A Premium Credit Card

A Visa Premier card or a Gold or Platinum MasterCard effectively complements car assistance cover by offering maximum compensation for sickness or hospitalization expenses abroad and significantly higher legal and accommodation costs. In North America, Asia, or South Africa, such protection can save the insured from a bad patch.

In addition, the assistance of a premium card includes an advance of 600 euros to 2,000 euros on a lawyer’s fees, as well as a criminal bond between 6,000 euros and 12,000 euros. Euros. Added to this is a good cash advance for victims of theft of papers or credit cards.

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