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Differences Between Ready-Made & Custom Picture Frames You are ready with your best picture for framing but wondering as which type of frame to choose that will enhance the look of your picture. Before picture framing,Find The Differences Between Ready-Made & Custom Picture Frames Articles┬áit’s very important to do your home work & understand the difference between types of frames. The thorough understanding of difference between frames will not only help you save pennies but will give a complete makeover to your picture depending on which type you are choosing. There are mainly two types of frames sold in retail & online stores viz ready made picture frames & custom made picture frames.

Ready made are produced at manufacturing facilities in bulk with common quality materials & are ready for use. These type of frames come in standard sizes of 4X6, 8X10 or 16X20 & come fully loaded with glass, backing & framing hardware. Ready made frames are easily available in framing stores, photo studios, large departmental stores & online frame stores. With ready made frames, all you have to do is place your picture in it & just put them on a tabletop or hung on a wall as per the needs. These frames are cheaper than custom frames as they are produced in bulk with lower labor & material cost because of standard sizes.

On the other hand, custom picture frames are completely customized as per the customer’s needs & specifications. These frames give you more options than ready made frames as they are assembled & designed specially for you as per your custom requirements. Custom frames are usually made with better quality materials to suit the customer’s needs & that’s why they are more expensive than ready made frames.

Customer chooses Here the customer chooses each component specifically including molding, glazing, backing, matting & even hardware. Custom made frames are commonly used for framing special art pieces like watercolors, oil paintings, poster prints and large size photographs. The time required to make custom frames is more than that of ready made frames because the former is completely customized as per the customer’s needs while the later is readily available in standard sizes.

While ready made frames are often used for gifting purposes & to frame any picture, custom made frames are used to frame beautiful piece of artwork with complete customization that matches the picture. The only disadvantage of custom frames is the additional time & cost it takes to make it but if your piece of artwork is priceless, then this type of framing solution is a must.

So you must be wondering as which type of frame is best? The fact is that there is no frame that fits all pictures & sizes. In some pictures, ready made frame will look good, while in others you have to opt for custom frames that will enhance the look. It depends on the type of picture you are going to frame. If your picture is of standard size, then it’s recommended to use ready made frame while for precious artworks or 3D items, custom made frames should be used.

Once you have decide the type of frame to be used for your picture, it’s time to select the frame & store that will enhance the look of your beautiful picture or artwork. You can drop in at any custom picture framing store that will help you in choosing the right frame as per your picture & budget.

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