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Best Buy Gaming Laptops: Long gone are the days when PC video games required having a dedicated room in their home, in which they had to store a tower one meter high and a desk to support the screen, keyboard, and mouse. And headphones. From now on, all this cumbersome paraphernalia can be replaced by a single laptop (with a mouse or a PC joystick ).


Thanks to the progress made in recent years in the field of graphics cards, portable PCs dedicated to video games (or laptop gamers) are now boxing in the same category as their big brothers.



Once the preserve of Intel, AMD Ryzen processors are shaking up the hierarchy with very significant performance and an aggressive price. Coupled with Nvidia RTX 3000 graphics chips, they form an extremely efficient combo.

We have seen more consumer-friendly policies. If the performance of the RTX 3000s is indeed there, Nvidia has created an unclear situation by declining its models in a multitude of references to different consumption and performance. So we have chosen the best gaming laptops on the market for all budgets.


And if you’re not necessarily looking for the best gaming performance, we also compare the best traditional laptops.



We’re not going to lie to each other, and it’s not good to be a broke gamer in recent months. So when Dell arrives with a cheap, relatively efficient model in stock, we are more than curious. Sold below 1000 Euros, this G15 offers an all-plastic chassis that is basic but impeccably assembled. It does not claim to be nomadic either with its 2.6 kg and imposing charger.

Best Buy Gaming Laptops


The large keyboard is passable and backlit, with no RGB insight. Enthusiasts will be sad. The 15-inch 120 Hz screen does not break a duck’s three legs. Its brightness is weak and the colourimetry very average, with only 63% of the sRGB space covered. However, we welcome a good contrast.

But it was the Ryzen 5800H and RTX 3060 combo that interested us. The combo is compelling enough to play in excellent conditions in Full HD. And compatibility with DLSS even allows it to take full advantage of 120 Hz in compatible games. As a bonus, the office autonomy is good, with just over 9 hours on a charge.

Despite a few flaws, this Dell G15 Ryzen Edition is one of the best value for money at the moment for gamers who don’t want to break the bank. We tell you more in our test of the Dell G15 Ryzen Edition. Dell G15 Ryzen Edition is the best buy gaming laptops



Suppose it immediately, Asus’ Zephyrus range was one of our top choices of 2020 with a beautiful split the difference among plan and power. This 2021 form takes up every one of the essentials, with an incredibly light and rather beautiful 15-inch undercarriage. The magnesium compound and aluminium development guarantee gentility, even though we notice to a great extent that the parts are not very composed all the time.

The 15-inch screen takes on a 1440p goal and a revive pace of 165 Hz, a significant split of the difference between Full HD and 4K. As a little something extra, the screen is very much aligned, charming visual architects. Be that as it may, where the Zephyrus G15 truly sparkles is in its exhibition.

The AMD chip pummels its rivals from Intel both in-game and for usefulness. The reception of a Ryzen 9 5900HS processor combined with an RTX 3080 makes it conceivable to accomplish remarkable execution on such a meagre machine. The hotness is all around made due. However, a headset will be fundamental to muffle the commotion of the fans during long gaming meetings. Independence arrives at 7 hours of in-office use to abstain from ruining anything.

Asus, therefore, delivers here an exceptional laptop whose most significant weakness is perhaps the strange absence of a webcam. You will find all the details in our complete test.  Zephyrus G15 is the best buy gaming laptops



If 15 inches is small for you, Asus offers a 16-inch version of its Zephyrus. The design remains unsurprisingly very sober, with a well-finished and surprisingly compact machine given the configuration it embeds. Only odd: activity LEDs that reflect directly on the screen.

The keyboard is large and very comfortable but omits the numeric keypad. Nothing to complain about either on the touchpad, extensive and precise. Despite its finesse, this PC offers extensive connectivity, including HDMI, Ethernet and especially Thunderbolt 4. The 16/10 format panel is an absolute pleasure to use; not only does it offer more workspace than the 16/9, but it is moreover rather well-calibrated and bright. Add to that a refresh rate of 165 Hz, and we have a screen as comfortable for gaming as for video editing.

In terms of performance, nothing to complain about, thanks to its Core i9 and its RTX 3080. Our tests have shown that it easily holds 60 fps in games as demanding as Red Dead Redemption 2 or Watch Dogs Legion with ray tracing activated and 43 fps on the very greedy Metro Exodus. In return, the M16 heats up and not just a little! Autonomy in office automation reaches 7 hours, a more than decent score. The fans have a lot of work to do and are very loud.

The Zephyrus M16 is an excellent machine for both gamers and content creators. We tell you all about it in our ROG Zephyrus M16 test. Zephyrus M16 is the best buy gaming laptops

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