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The mobile phone is used by us at all hours of the day. It was a tool for receiving and making calls only in the past. Still, since then, due to the many technological applications development, the mobile device has become a tool, orientation, or just for fun.

The writers of the applications have entered this market. Therefore, the iPhone was the first smartphone and the first device for which apps were written.


Is Early Bidding Needed To Application Development for Iphone?

Application development for iphone, it is necessary to know several programming languages ​​about Borain. Therefore, anyone starting out in the field and having no programming experience should learn the subject first and gain experience in other languages ​​such as Java.

The programming language in which iPhone applications are written is called Objective-C. Suppose the programmer has a preliminary knowledge of Java, C ++, or C # software. In that case, he will definitely be able to work with the programming language of the iPhone as well.

For these developers, the programming language of the iPhone is relatively easy. Still, unlike the Java and C # language, the developer must manage the memory himself.

Applications development

Do You Need Any Equipment To Develop Iphone Applications?

Just as Microsoft dominates the software market for PCs, Apple dominates the iPhone applications development market. Therefore, to write iPhone apps, one has to be equipped accordingly.

The first thing needed is a Mac that includes Apple’s operating system. The computer should be Mac OS X, version 10.5 and above.


The selected Mac should have an Intel processor, with one of the recommended models being the Mac Mini. This computer is well suited for this task, and in addition, it is also small and cheap. ( Mac Mini computers in Zap )


Another needed device is, of course, an iPhone or iPod Touch device. The reason for the need for this device is apparent – to test the application, it must be installed on a device that will allow it to be tested.


Suppose you are unsure which device to buy. In that case, it may be advisable to stick to the iPhone – the iPad device does not allow examination of applications that use the phone or camera.


Apple’s monopoly in this area has already been mentioned. It also applies when it comes to registering for Apple’s developer program.

The registration cost per year is $ 99 per year, and it allows applications to be developed, tested, and used in the app store to sell the app or offer it for free. The registration is done through the website of the “Apple” company.


Is It Mandatory To Use Apple Equipment And Software?

Despite all of the above, there are ways in which this “Apple” monopoly can be circumvented. The Mac operating system can be installed on a virtual machine. You can find various guides on the Internet that explain how to perform this method accurately.

At the same time, it is not a perfect success, and there will be applications whose development will fail in this method. Even the purchase of an iPhone device is not bound by reality.


Apple has software called iPhone Simulator, a simulator for iPhone and allows your computer screen to become the screen of an iPhone device. To test your software, you must install it on the simulator.


First Steps In Developing Iphone Applications

In Apple’s developer portal, you can find the first tool you will need: the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK). This tool includes the XCode workspace with which you write the applications and test them on the iPhone device or on the simulator.


At the end of the testing process, this tool also allows you to address “bugs” discovered in the software. Building the application is also possible through the Interface Builder. Also, on this topic, you can find online guides that will explain how to use the tool step by step.


Summary Of The Steps In Applications Development

Once it has been decided that the app is for iPhone device owners, its concept should be chosen. “Apple” places great emphasis on user experiences and application design, so it is worth paying attention and investing in these issues and perhaps even enlisting the help of a professional graphic designer.

Before starting the process, you should note that you have software that allows you to save a version of each code file that you have been working on. So that if there are any glitches in the development, it will be possible to go back.


After purchasing the required equipment and necessary infrastructure, writing the code can begin. This process can be performed in two different ways:

  1. Complete writing of the code that also includes its design.
  2. According to the second course of action, the screens must be programmed in the most basic way to test the software as quickly as possible and receive feedback.

Once the software is entirely written comes the final stage, the QA stage. At this point, you should be familiar with a tool that helps in testing the app. This is a Test Flight, and it allows any Apple-registered developer to update numbers of up to a thousand devices on which the application can be tested.


App Marketing

If it was not clear by now – it is essential for “Apple” to control all media that passes through it to iPhones. Therefore, after finishing the hard work comes the expected moment – submitting the app to the Apple Store ( App Store ) for approval. This stage can be exhausting and may take up to several weeks. Many guides can also be found online. You should also check out Apple’s website for possible reasons for rejection. You can also find a guide to avoiding this rejection.


Apple’s app store includes access to millions of users, so it usually takes 30% of the profits and transfers the balance to the developer. The question now is how to encourage the purchase of the app.

To do this, you can, for example, develop two versions. One version will be a free Lite version, while the other will be a fuller paid version.

This way, you can initial acquaintance with the app and encourage its use. It is also possible to offer the app for review on various sites. A good review will enable users to purchase the app. Apart from these ways, there is the possibility of advertising the app and its benefits on the relevant websites and social networks. Successfully!

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